living abroad | january
Study Abroad
Creative Rut
inspire me so that I had something to write about. I relied on the study abroad experience to kick start
living abroad | february & march
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going fun places
already hoping to study abroad during the summer, so I figured I might as well bump it up and go for Study Abroad
Living Abroad | April & May
study abroad in florence Study Abroad
Arrivederci Firenze
study abroad in florence study abroad , when in fact only about 4% of students study abroad. And here I am, part of that 4% and I am so
Kraków & Warsaw, Poland
Study Abroad
traveling abroad | december 25 - january 9
to travel and study abroad. I began doubting my capability to be here. I began thinking that I
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Abroad & Travel ☐ Travel More ☐ Event Planner/Manager in the Fashion/Beauty/Lifestyle Industry Minnesota-Twin Cities Class of 2018 / Public Relations / Fashion Studies / Design HOPES/DREAMS: ☑ Study
. First, it’s convenient since Connor had his flight and I start my study abroad program. Second, it
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