Bullet Journal | April Plan With Me


Happy April folks!

Here's a look into how I set up my bullet journal for this month!


These are the tools I use the most consistently. Everything is easy to find, just google it!


Every month I have a monthly layout, monthly habit trackers and weekly layouts, so I thought I'd spice it up this month. When I started laying out my ideas in pencil, I added additional layouts specifically geared towards what I want to do and what I'm definitely going to do in April. 


I went with a smaller monthly calendar since I found myself rarely using it, other than quickly glancing for travel dates or birthdays. The picture in the bottom right is what inspired me... and while I wanted to draw some cool polaroids and a boho girl, my art skills weren't quite at that level.


I keep making lists in my head, on my phone, on little scrap pieces of paper... they're everywhere and I couldn't keep track of them! So I took my top four: blog ideas, places to eat, things I need and things I want. Then I decided to make my tracker on lines instead of using the full boxes to save space. I'll use small dots on the day that I complete that task! Last but not least on this spread, is my goals page. I love how I have main goals and then ideas of how to actually accomplish them! Again, inspo picture in the bottom right corner.


April means May is next and May mean I leave Italy and come home. I've got things to do in those last few weeks but I AM going to get ahead. So I made a place to list out gifts for friends and family, and a packing list for my departure!


I have a bigger moleskine notebook, not the typical bullet journal size and realized I wasted space each week. So I decided to put two weeks into one. I was inspired by these simple boxes!

have a wonderful month of April!

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