Bullet Journal | How I Use Two Journals


After meddling with my first bullet journal for almost a year, I've finally found a system that works for me and it turns out it involved getting a second journal. So you might be thinking, wouldn't it be harder to keep up with two separate journals? And my answer is no. I find that keeping on task is where having multiple bullet journals comes in handy. 

In my first bullet journal post, I told you how I use it to keep track of my fitness journey. However, I didn't mention my entire system, so incase you're curious than keep reading.

the yellow bullet journal

This is the place for me to release my creative side while still be somewhat productive. I love to make cute lists and trackers that keep me on task, while using my hand drawn skills to make it look visually pleasing. I honestly love making this bullet journal look super cute, but I don't have time to do it every single day. So I use it for weekly trackers and random lists, as well as for the occasional doodles. Whenever I post about a cool bullet journal spread, it's from this one! 

The Tools: My Yellow Journal // My Favorite Doodling Pens

the beige bullet journal

This journal is larger than my yellow one and has a soft cover. This is the one that gets beat up the most and I carry it every single day. While I love my yellow bullet journal, the size just can't handle my messy handwriting on a daily basis. So this one does the job instead. I use this on-the-go and split the day in half so I can write out daily tasks and relevant notes or lists. Sometimes I'll use cool fonts, but there's never pressure to make it look pretty or be consistent. I don't have the time to set up monthly or weekly layouts, instead I add in one day at a time so I can utilize the space effectively. The best part is that I can always change the layout based on the day. This notebook paired with my monthly calendar, and I'm set.

The Tools: My Beige Journal // My Favorite Daily Pens

the end

Yea, so this system is pretty simple and has worked wonders for me! How do you use your bullet journal(s)?