Scrapbooking | 5 Simple Tips for Beginners

Happy Labor Day! I hope you're enjoying a nice day off and taking time to yourself and doing something you love, like crafts... or maybe scrapbooking! (:


Throughout elementary and middle school, I loved scrapbooking. I would go all out with stickers, cutting out paper and stamps. It was nuts. During high school, I thought I was too cool for that crafty stuff so I stopped. This summer I went on a few trips and realized how much I missed scrapbooking special events, so I started a new scrapbook. Scrapbooking feels so good for my creative soul, plus I never feel guilty about it since I have something to look back on once I’m done. 

Lately, I’ve noticed that the craft of scrapbooking is sort of dying… or at least it seems like it. Point is, I hope it comes back. Facebook is great for putting together photo albums really quick, but nothing quiet compares to having a physical book with pictures and tokens from your experiences. When I’m older I want my kids and my grandkids to sit down with me and look through photo albums and scrapbooks, rather than staring at a computer screen. The best part about scrapbooking it that is can be simple or as complicated as you want. 

 Here are my 5 simple tips for anyone who wants to start scrapbooking.


Print your pictures in multiple sizes

There are three reasons for this. My main reason is because it’s cheaper to get smaller prints, so I like to save some money and only get bigger prints for the best pictures. Secondly, pictures can take up a ton of space in a scrapbook, and depending on how big yours is, it might be nice to fit more than two pictures on one page. Lastly, it makes it look a little more interesting. If you aren’t confident in you creative skills, this is an easy way to create some artistic dimension without trying.



Collect items from your adventures

It might seem annoying, but take a little ziplock baggy and collect all of the random items throughout your trip. I love to keep plane tickets, bus passes, receipts and random little things along the way. This isn’t necessary, but it’s an easy way to spice up the page. Plus, it’s cool to have the things you actually used on the trip.




Utilize what you have

You don’t need to go out and blow your money on a ton of materials right away. Buy a cheap, plain notebook and maybe start small with one stamp, one set of stickers or a roll of decorative washi tape. You could also use a notebook or journal that you already have and create images using pens and scratch paper. Another option is to find small images on tumblr, pinterest and google, then print them off and glue them into your scrapbook. Seriously though, don’t get too fancy right away. Try a few things out and see what you like, then go from there.

Have fun

An obvious thing, but let this process be something you can enjoy. Don’t worry so much about how it looks, rather the process of putting it together. No matter how it turns out, you still have a fun book to look at that will make you smile. You can get as crazy as you want with fun paper and stickers, or you can keep it minimal and stick to pictures with a few written notes here and there. It really is up to you!

Embrace the Mess


Whether you go super crazy or not, it will be messy. This photo is not staged or set up, this is the real mess I made while scrapbooking my trip to Chicago. That’s okay, it’s completely normal to make a mess during arts and crafts. This process is not about being perfect, it’s just about (#4) having fun!

Hope these tips help you start your scrapbooking journey. Follow my Pinterest board for more scrabpooking inspiration!

love, OC