Bullet Journal | Tracking Progress


I started bullet journaling at the start of the new year and love how versatile it is. You can create your own layouts and follow your own schedule without wasting pages. Mine is a little beat up from days stuffed in my bag and spilled water, but I still enjoy using it. I normally make fun lists, write goals or practice new fonts or doodles, but decided it was time to integrate some calendar/planner elements. 

Lately, I've been trying to get back on my health and fitness game, so I've been using my bullet journal to track it. I love finding new ways to write out my goals and track my progress and this is just one way to do it.

I like to start by choosing a motivational quote for the week, followed by a weekly tracker and some goals. By combining thin fonts and fake calligraphy, there's a little more visual dimension. On the next spread, I used both pages to track each day, but messed up. So, I improvised and used some thick paper, wrote new headers and made them into stickers to cover up my mistakes. It turns out, mistakes can lead to cooler things. Lastly, I took some inspiration from Pinterest and added some plants for fun. 

I think it's pretty cute, but more importantly, it was a fun process that offers some functionality!

love, OC