Photography | Mixing Photoshop & Lightroom

Hello, hello! It had been awhile since I last tried taking and editing photos, so I decided to take a simple self portrait and see what I could do using both Lightroom and Photoshop. Here is my process. 

1. Lightroom: Basic edits to the picture, but it's pretty close to the raw image.

2. Photoshop: Fixed my skin a lot. First I took on the skin tone and evened it out. Then I tackled the texture and eliminated pimples and bumps. The key is that it still looks like skin, not a smooth surface.

3. Photoshop: Finished fixing my face by touching up the smaller details. I filled in my eyebrows, brightened my brows, enhanced my eyeshadow, and evened out my lipstick.


4. Photoshop: Burned, dodged and used masks to apply some basic edits to only certain parts of the image. Focused on blurring the background out more and emphasizing the nice color in my hair.

5. Photoshop: Fixed the over exposed part of my face and tamed the brightness and highlights. Used burning and dodging for this.

6. Lightroom: Did some final edits in lightroom so the picture fit my personal preference and aesthetic.


And that's it. I think my skills are getting a little stronger each time I edit. I'm feeling confident in editing skin. Now I just need to find a consistent aesthetic with how I like to edit photos. One step at a time.