Mia 10.15.17

Welcome back, welcome back! It's time for another round of photos, this time with my friend Mia. 


This is Mia, but sometimes I call her Meech. She is a goofball and a lovely person all around. She and I used to dance together, and I love that she has continued to be one of my close friends even when our dancing days ended. On this day I texted her last minute for an impromptu photoshoot and it was the perfect Sunday study break. She is a joy to be around and never fails to make me laugh, so it was great to get together with her. 

my edits

This time around, I decided to focus less on skin and keep all of the images in Lightroom. Each location had different light, so editing was very individual to the location and position. Like Emily's pictures I decided to keep the photos looking more natural and just emphasizing the amazing fall colors. I loved how warm and soft they turned out as well. 

my final thoughts

I am satisfied with this shoot and batch of photos. However, next time I definitely want to bring these into Photoshop as well. Even though it takes double the time (at least), I think I'm starting to find a system in Photoshop and enjoy that process. Again, I love that it's not overwhelmingly filtered or edited beyond what's real, but I still want to find my own aesthetic. One photoshoot at a time; progress not perfection.


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