Emily 10.11.17

Hello Everyone! If you haven't noticed, I've been trying to get back into photography and really diving into the art of post-production. Luckily, I have friends who let me practice on them for free.


This is my friend, Emily. We became friends more recently, but have known each other since high school. Emily is also a blogger (and you should definitely check out her site/IG) and we have the same love and interests for this industry. We often get together at local coffee shops, sip on some overpriced coffee, catch up, and take a few outfit/blog pictures for each other. On this particular day we went to Northern Coffeeworks in Minneapolis. It was trendy and cute, and I adored the high ceilings (...now if only there were free parking). While I've taken many pictures for Emily, this was the first time I was determined to edit them rather than handing her raw files. I made it my mission and am happy with how they turned out.

My Edits

With this project, I wanted to keep the editing minimal and natural. For the close-ups, I brought the pictures through Photoshop and edited them like I did in my last two ( 1, 2 ) photography posts. From there, I brought up the warmth slightly but desaturated the images so I wasn't overwhelmed with orange. I changed the hues of the blues and greens. I also bumped up the sharpness and contrast. 

My Final Thoughts

Even though I always edit my own photos, taking on someone else as a "client" changed my perspective and I found myself having more patience in post production. The extra time was worth it. I love how these photos turned out. They are so simple and natural. I am not overwhelmed with filters, but there's still a consistent aesthetic among them. I am proud of that. I haven't decided what my own aesthetic will be, but I'll keep toying around and just see what happens.


Want to be apart of my photography journey? LMK