one bag & multiple looks

I am proud to say that I am excellent at packing and enjoy the process thoroughly. Since my dad was a pilot, he taught me all the tips and tricks to cramming as much stuff as possible into a carry-on. I have been successful so far, but Spirit Airlines has provided me with a new challenge. With Spirit, I am only allowed one personal item (a purse or backpack that cannot exceed 18x14x8 inches) and any other carry-on item is an extra fee. Of course, I've managed to shorten my packing list so everything can fit and I can create multiple looks. Here are my tips for doing the same:

Airplane Outfit

The outfit you wear when you're traveling is key and will help your packing process more than you know. So wear your bulkiest and heaviest items. I'll be wearing my platform tennis shoes, ripped jeans, a tank top and a thick sweater. Layer up - the more you wear, the more space you have!

{ shoes - cotton on // sweater - unknown // tank - h&m // jeans - american eagle }


Pick bags that have the most space and choose function over fashion. I decided to use the same bags from my camping trip because I know I can cram a lot into both. Plus, I can roll the smaller bag and place it into the larger one. I also don't mind the athleisure look of it for roaming about the city.

{ blue backpack - my mother // smaller bag - lulu lemon }


Only take what you need (and make the biggest shoes part of your airplane outfit). Personally, this is the hardest part for me because I am obsessed with shoes and like to switch them up every single day. However, I decided to be practical and bring just one pair of open and closed-toe shoes. The tennis shoes are comfortable and casual, and the block-heel sandals can be dressed up or down.

{ block-heel sandals - urban outfitters }


Keep it simple and bring pieces that can be worn with everything. For me, I decided to stick with denim jeans and a skirt that are simple and unique. I love that they're neutral, but still make me feel fashionable and trendy.

{ jeans - american eagle // skirt - urban outfitters }


This is obvious, but bring tops that can match all of your bottoms. Again, I stuck to neutrals and know that they will match everything I have.

{ grey top - urban outfitters // green shirt - urban outfitters // white tank - vimmia }

Makeup & Hair

Take the essentials and leave everything else behind. That's different for everyone, but personally I don't mind having a light face of makeup, if any at all. I can also get away with just brushing my hair or throwing it up. Either way, keep in mind that a giant makeup bag will take up more space than you think. 

This was definitely a struggle, but it's essential for me to not spend more money than I need to. Plus, it does not matter if you wear a shirt or pants more than once on a trip. Unless you have an endless amount of clothes and money, it's impossible to not repeat something. Besides, you might want some room in your bag for new purchases from your trip! Embrace the challenge and be creative with how you pair your pieces.

love, OC