ootd | chicago

Here's what I wore while I was in Chicago for a few days and I'm impressed that it was all exactly what I packed, with the exception of one borrowed piece. And if you're curious about what I did, then click here.

day one

My travel outfit was exactly as planned, from there I improvised and wore one of the shirts I brought with me and borrowed my friends skirt because who wants to watch a movie at the park in jeans?

day two

Day two was filled with roaming the city, so a jeans with a tank ended up being a solid choice. I love these two-toned pants, PLUS I got them on clearance so that makes me love them even more. My top is made from athletic material so it was perfect when I was out in the sun.

day three

A skirt was necessary for day three, which was also filled with walking and exploring. Can you tell I love two-toned pieces right now? Also, this last picture is making me realize I need to get a haircut, any recommendations?

day four

I never got a picture of my last outfit, but I'll help you picture it. The ripped jeans from day one, the cut-out sweater from day one and the tennis shoes from days one and three. Pretty simple!

love, OC


If you're curious about how I packed the click here & if you want to know more about my trip then click here.