ootd | bundled for break

This is officially my first winter break ever. The years before were filled with endless dance practices and two-a-days. It's crazy how so much can happen when you're not busy, sore and extra tired. On this particular day I went a little slower since my day was pretty empty. I ran a few errands and met up with a friend for dinner, so I decided to be extra casual and simple than usual. 

{shoes - ugg // jeggings - american eagle // sweater - zara }

If you had told me a few months ago I'd want Uggs, I'd laugh at you. My last pair of Uggs have been used since my sophomore year of high school, so I decided it was time for an upgrade and had my eyes set on a neutral pair (because my old ones are turquoise). So I went for the mini style in black... another surprise because I hated them when they first came out. I threw on this comfy pair of jeggings from American Eagle, which I swear are the best pair of "jeans" I have. I fell in love with this sweater on the clearance rack at Zara and knew I had to get it. It is unbelievably soft and I am crazy about the collar. To finish the look, I threw my hair up in a loop bun and put on a matt lip gloss to add a dark pop of color.

I'm probably going to repeat this outfit at least 8 times during the rest of break, because I'm obsessed with it. 

<3 OC