warm + fuzzy

It's getting colder and colder here in good ol' Minne. It's pretty easy for me to bundle up for class and errands, but special events are a little harder when I want to be stylish and warm at the same time. Luckily, I think this outfit is a perfect mix of the two.

{ shoes - target // leggings - lululemon // sweater - nordstrom // coat - asos // mittens - patina // earrings - somewhere in argentina }

I love this outfit so much, it's cozy and comfortable, but gives off a unique and fashionable vibe. I've wanted a fuzzy coat for awhile and when I saw this coat from Asos I fell in love and knew I had to get it. Unfortunately, it's a little big (cuz I read the size chart wrong), but on the bright side I can have as many layers as I need to bundle up. The sweater underneath is also huge and I love how it hangs. The tassels and big cowl neck keep it looking and feeling extra snug too. I paired it with some fleeced-lined mittens, classic black leggings and my favorite black booties to make it still look nice but feel movable. Lastly, I added these nifty, handcrafted earrings for a pop of structure. I think this is proof you can still be fashionable and stay warm in 20 degree weather all at the same time. 

Hope your winter is filled with things that are warm + fuzzy.