ootd | thanksgiving

I love dressing up for the holidays. There’s nothing better then having your entire family look semi-decent for once. (; Plus, it’s just fun to wear the colors that pair with that season or holiday. Ya know what I mean? Like pastels on Easter, red + green on Christmas and glittery shit on New Year’s Eve. This year I decided to fully embrace the fall colors, which also meant embracing UMN colors (yay gophers).

{ shoes - target // tights - target // skirt - aeropostale // body suite - forever21 // cardigan - unknown // necklaces - forever21 // jacket - asos // purse - unknown }

Since I wasn’t going to be outside for the majority of the time, I decided to whip out this skirt which is surprisingly from Aeropostle. I added a sleek short-sleeved (say that 10 times fast lol) body suit and some slightly see-through textured black tights. I added this shaggy maroon cardigan for the perfect amount of coziness and some typical black booties. For the few moments I was out in the chilly breeze I threw on this coat from ASOS, which is honestly super warm and I love how fuzzy the inside is. To top it off, I added some layered necklaces and carried this little fuzzy purse I got in 8th grade... lol. 

I think this look is a perfect mix of being on trend as well as being conservative for the entire family. It was also surprisingly comfy and breathable for that extra helping of stuffing and cranberry sauce. 

Stay humble and stay grateful.