What I Wore | In Europe

Been a steamy, hot minute since I’ve done a true lookbook post with actual outfits. So when I went back to Europe I figured this was the perfect opportunity to spark my old creativity. My day-to-day outfits are pretty casual since I work in a yoga studio (but don’t worry thinking about doing some athleisure posts in the future!) so I was so excited to dress up again. I also under-packed because I knew I would have access to a washer, so I figured this would be a perfect way to challenge my fashion sense. These aren’t all of my outfits, but these are my faves.


outfit 1 - mixing textures & patterns

This was our first day in Rome and I was feeling inspired, so I decided to mix it up. I’m normally not one to be bold enough and mix patterns, but decided that this mesh long-sleeve top was subtle enough to go with this leaf-patterned dress. I loved how flowy the dress is and that the top contrasted perfectly. I added my black booties, black scrunchie, a little choker and some small earrings to top it off.

outfit 2 - layers on layers

This look is pretty different for me but when I first thought of it, I knew I had to do it because “when in rome” right? I layered a turtleneck tank with a tube top and a cardigan, plus threw on some jeggings and comfy tennis. And again, lots of accessories because I’m currently loving layered necklaces, hair clips, and statement earrings. Gimme all the jewelry!

outfit 3 - the first repeat

When I was younger I thought that it was unacceptable to repeat outfits, especially when you’re going somewhere special or taking pictures in it. Then I realized how stupid that sounded and came to my senses. This was my first repeat on this trip, about 4 days after I wore it first. It was still clean and I was ready to style it more minimally. So I put on a t-shirt over, slipped on my clack mules and added only a few accessories: a scrunchie, hair clips and earrings. It was perfect for this beautiful day and at one point I took the shirt off and wore the dress by itself.

outfit 4 - lovely linen

I’d been wanting a linen, loose blazer for awhile so when I spotted this one I knew it had to be mine. I decided to go simple and wear all black so that me blazer could be the star. Added my hair clips and layered necklaces, and called it a day!

outfit 5 - on repeat

I wore these pants 3 times because they’re stylish and so dang comfy. The long sleeve shirt is from outfit 1 and over it I have the t-shirt from outfit 3. My same black booties and scrunchie, plus a necklace and new jacket to bring it all together. At this point in the trip I had just done my first load of laundry and was so glad to re-wear my favorite pieces!

lessons to learn

  1. You are allowed to repeat outfits and pieces. It’s sustainable and if you love it, who cares how much you wear it.

  2. Accessories can really add to any outfit and can change the look completely. So whenever you have to pack small, thing basic clothes and statement jewelry to spice it up.

  3. Challenge yourself to style one or more pieces in new ways. I would’ve never styled some of the things the way I did if I had overpacked.

love olivia