One of my 2019 goals was to become more minimal, and for me, that simply means knowing that everything I have has a purpose and sparks joy (hello KonMari method!). My first step was my closet - which is why this post is in my lookbook instead of my journal… because based on this, my lookbook will change a lot in the future and will contain some more simple and repeated pieces. Anyway, I wanted to share this process of downsizing my closet.


Annoying Disclaimers:

I know disclaimers are annoying but I feel like I should put this out there. (1) Loving and having a lot of material things is not a bad thing. If everything you have has a purpose and sparks joy, then it doesn’t matter and I’m not here to shame you about having too many things or make you feel bad about what you spend your money on. (2) I also realize that I am privileged to have as many material things as I do, and even though I cut back - it’s still a lot of things. There are people who are “minimal” because they have to be based on their own situation or life.

Okay, let’s move on.

My closet was tough, but I knew it had to be the first step because my lifestyle has changed so much. Clothes I used to wear all the time, became the clothes gathering dust. So my January goal was to bring my closet count to around 170. I got to 158.


capsule wardrobe rules

To start, this isn’t a capsule wardrobe with super strict rules or a certain amount of clothing I absolutely HAD to hit, but as I was cutting down there are a few guidelines other people have used that I will also be using. Mainly, guidelines about what items do NOT count in my final count of items. You’ll notice these guides are similar to Project 333.

  1. Underwear | This is self-explanatory, but while I did go through underwear and get rid of anything with holes, that didn’t fit or that I didn’t like, I still didn’t count every single piece of underwear or socks

  2. Pajamas | I’ve been really good about keeping my PJs as PJs. Meaning that anything in my designated PJ drawer will only be worn when I go to sleep. Even if I’m running late or super busy, you will not catch me in anything I go to bed in. Therefore, these clothing pieces don’t count.

  3. In-Home Lounge | Okay, this sounds weird, but I also have designated clothes that are for lounging at home. These mainly include baggy sweats or certain leggings that I don’t workout in, and are things I don’t sleep in, but also don’t go outside in (unless it’s to take Teddy outside quick).

  4. Workout Clothes | I know this one seems unfair since I’m a yoga teacher and live my day-to-day work-life in athletic clothes. BUT I mean it when I say I truly only wear workout clothes when I’m either working out or teaching a class. I don’t wear workout clothes to anything else. Therefore, they don’t count. And this is another thing that I’m proud of myself for separating from my daily wardrobe.

  5. The Essentials | This sounds weird but for me the essentials are based around weather. So for winter: my coat, snow boots, gloves, hats and non-trendy scarves. And for rain: my rain jacket and rain boots.

In summary, the things that don’t count are things I wouldn’t wear in public on a day-to-day basis… whether it’s for errands, getting lunch with friends, seeing a movie or date night.

what’s in the 158

With all that other stuff out of the way, then what makes up my grand total of 164? Everything else. Everything that I do wear out and about. Here’s what my final countdown came down to.

  1. Shoes - 25 | I admit it, I do love shoes and they were always my biggest weakness. I finally managed to bring it down and now everything I have, I love. The shoes I have now vary for different seasons and occasions, but nothing feels repetitive (except for my two pairs of converse) and it all has a practical function.

  2. Coats/Jackets - 9 | Again, what didn’t count was my winter coat and my rain jacket… but I also have two more winter coats and one more rain jacket that is for more of a style purpose, and isn’t actually essential. I also have other jackets that are trendier, and more for aesthetically layering than layering for warmth.

  3. Tops/Sweaters - 54 | Every t-shirt, tank, long-sleeve, cardigan or knitted sweater. Everything worn on top that gets worn out in public.

  4. Bottoms - 20 | Same thing here - everything worn on the bottom that gets worn out in public. Jeans, skirts, dress pants, and certain joggers or leggings.

  5. One Pieces - 11 | Dresses or jumpsuits.

  6. Accessories - 39 | Jewelry, neck scarves, other trendy scarves, trendy hats and belts. The little things we forget about.


so what now?

Now, I will continue to not buy anything that would add to that final count, and if I do feel the absolute need to get something then I can re-evaluate what I have. When one thing comes in, one must go out! I feel super proud to have cut down my closet so much (there was a lot… I don’t have the original number but I literally donated over 4 garbage bags of clothes… so yea) and I LOVE looking at my closet now. It never feels cluttered and I never feel stressed when I have to find something to wear, because everything has its place. We also have two closets that Connor and I both share, and I was able to move everything into one, woop!

future of this lookbook

As far as this lookbook goes… I know I haven’t posted as much and it comes down to the fact that I do work in athletic clothes, and then come home to wear my in-home lounge wear, and then go to bed where I wear PJs. I’ve been busy and it’s been less convenient to make any lookbook posts when I'm so busy. So I’m not positive what will happen with the lookbook. My goal is that it will remain the same and I’ll share my outfits, however those outfits will be more casual, have repeated-pieces, and incorporate some athleisure; plus the posts will be less frequent. I’m also planning on incorporating some more beauty and skincare posts, because that creates my look and I love me some skincare! I’ve always said that I don’t want this blog to stress me out… it’s not my job, it’s a hobby I love, but still wanted to give you that little update.

love olivia