3 OOTDS | August 2018


And the series continues with three more outfits! There's a nice mix of summer and fall, truly reflecting the bipolar nature of Minnesota weather. 

basically july

I loved this look. That's the great thing about dresses is that it's a whole look in itself. You don't need anything extra, just the one piece and you've got it. The best part about wearing a dress is that it makes it look like you put in a lot of effort when you actually put in nothing at all.

another day at the theatre

Oh me oh my, Hamilton was incredible!!! And I loved my outfit too. Another comfy but trendy and cute combination so that I look respectful at the theatre, but also feel like I'm in pjs. These pants are the same ones in my last OOTD post and I truly mean it when I say they're part of my daily outfits. This series go to show that you can always dress something up or down!

my new favorite shirt

Literally. The. Best. T. Shirt. Ever. Because I love dogs & if you don't we probably can't be friends.


Truth is, most of my days in August have been spent in athletic clothes. Between coaching dance, moving home and teaching yoga, it's rare that I'm in a cute outfit. But when I am, you bet I'm gonna take some cute IG-worthy pictures and post about it.

love oc

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