3 OOTDs | July 2018


Hey friends!

I decided to start a new series called "3 OOTDs" or 3 Outfit of the Days so that you can see some more casual pictures of my everyday outfits. Most of the pictures will also be casual and maybe not as aesthetically pleasing but I hope you enjoy either way.


almost sweats


This is one of my typical summer combos for when I want to wear sweats but don't want to look too lazy. So, comfy pants and a cropped sweater are the perfect substitutes!


too hot; hate shorts


I hate shorts, unless they're athletic shorts so I'm all for light fabrics and light colors. Love me a light weight top and pants, with some platform shoes to spice it up!


a layered jumpsuit


This jumpsuit literally feels like pjs and I absolutely love it! Paired it with a textured shirt underneath and a dainty necklace. It's still cool and collected.


And that's a wrap for my 3 OOTDs of July. I'm excited to do more of these posts in the upcoming months!