Casual Vibes


I love being fashionable, but as time has gone by here in Italy I've started to struggle with my laziness. My old habits of leggings and t-shirts for school has been kicking in. Luckily, the wardrobe I have doesn't allow me to do that. Instead, I am forced to mix laziness, comfort and fashion.

Here's what I wore one sunny day. 

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  • long light camel coat - lightweight, bell sleeves

  • turtleneck t shirt - slightly cropped, short sleeves, soft

  • sweater sweatpants - soft, structered, stylish

  • open sided booties - short, buckle detail, pop of skin

  • bag - giant, simple


  • hair - pulled back, loose bun

  • face - natural, light

  • earrings - pop of color, geometric


^ walking to class with my friend Caroline


Enjoying a cannoli from the central market and a panino from Antico Vinaio


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