Some Thoughts

I literally wasn’t sure what to title this because it isn’t normal for me to put a long written blog post in my lookbook. The lookbook is supposed to be where I explore my creative side through fashion, because I’ve always LOVED clothes and putting together outfits… but if you haven’t noticed, I’ve had some big life changes recently and it’s definitely affected my fashion/creative side. So I guess this post is simply to update you on what I’m thinking when it comes to this lookbook in particular, and why I haven’t been posting.

1. nowhere to go = nothing to wear

Most of you know, I don’t have a typical 9-5 job - which I honestly prefer. However, this means I’m not wearing cool outfits or trying to dress well on a daily basis. I’m just working from home, walking dogs and doing yoga. I’m not wearing sweats constantly, but I’m not slaying the game or wearing something super unique like I used to. So… I’m not really being creative or feeling the need to be creative with what I wear. Honestly, I rarely have motivation to put a cool outfit together. Then again… this lookbook never really had “cool” outfits to start. But still. I’m just not feeling it, if that makes sense.

2. nothing fits quite the same

I’ve been on a fitness and health journey for what seems like forever… probably ever since I stopped dancing. It has been a struggle, but since living here I’ve been trying something new (that I will share in my journal soon!) and I’m seeing my body change! I’m getting stronger, a little more toned and losing some inches. Which means, things aren’t fitting quite the same and I’m realizing I have to get rid of what doesn’t flatter my body now. It’s a good problem to have - I feel great! But, it’s still annoying and just another little thing stopping me from wearing some trendy things when I don’t feel like buying new clothes.

3. finding my own style

Becoming an adult and moving away comes with many challenges, including the cliche part of finding yourself. Specifically discovering my own style and what that is. I look back on some of my own posts and think to myself - wow I would not wear that now. Or maybe I would wear those pieces but not like that. So I’m changing and figuring out what trends I actually like as I move out of that college-stage and into a more adult-stage, because I’m starting to hate short-shorts and mini skirts, and starting to love long grandma skirts and huge turtlenecks. It’s all about refining my style and choosing what I truly love and enjoy wearing. …which really is harder than it seems.


4. purging what I don’t love

Probably my biggest struggle has been getting rid of things. When I moved here, I had to pack EVERYTHING and my mom made sure I went through it all: including old dance costumes and childhood stuffed animals. Plus, I knew I was downsizing and wouldn’t be a 30-minute drive away to switch out my seasonal clothes or grab something I forgot about. So I got rid of a lot of things! Like bags upon bags. After being here for a couple of months, I’m finding myself getting rid of more. Especially now that I know I don’t want a 9-5, there are so many business clothes that I definitely don’t want or intend to wear. I have three bags of just clothes that I’m going to donate, sitting in my apartment as I type this.

5. dabbling in minimalism

On that note, I’ve been looking into minimalism a lot lately. You could call it my recent YouTube binge… and my current binge. I have been fascinated with learning about how to be a little less materialistic and put more value into the things and people I love in my life. So the purge is coming… for my closet and my decor and every item I own. It’s a very slow process, but I’m truly working on it. I have SO many things I know I don’t need, but still hold on to year after year. I seriously just want to get rid of so many things, because I’m finding that I don’t love them… which means I’m not using them and someone else will get better use out of them. Plus I don’t need everything I have.

So there it is. 5 broad reasons for why I’m not focusing on this lookbook like I used to. Plus some reasons you might see a shift in my content once I do. You’ll probably see more repeated pieces and just different ways to wear them. More basic pieces… and probably slightly more expensive pieces because if I’m going to start having fewer items you bet your butt I’ll want them to be better quality. Quality>Quantity, right?

love olivia

Photo by Roberto Nickson (@g) on Unsplash