my new obsession

I have been wanting and searching for a long coat for months! I remember searching online and at the malls before coming to Italy, but I just couldn't find one that spoke to me. I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted, but I knew it had to be to my ankles. So when I found this coat for an incredible 70% off in a store in Florence, I had to buy it. I didn't care that it was getting warmer or that it was already an average of 50 degrees. I loved it and so here we are. 


I took a simple black turtleneck and gray trousers to let the other pieces stand out. Starting from the bottom, I found these little black shoes (on sale of course!) and love the stud detailing. It's a style I've only seen since arriving in Italy, but I'm loving. I added this lightweight black and white scarf and a baker boy hat for some warmth and to cover my greasy hair. I grabbed my black tote bag (cuz it's my school bag) and added a moonstone ring on my thumb for a little pop of white. Lastly, the coat.... omg. The coat speaks for itself and is incredible. It's lightweight and warm (somehow) at the same time! LOVE ugh.

Hope you guys find your own obsession this season.