Pointy Boots & Puffy Cardigan

Ciao! I know it's been awhile, but traveling and settling into Florence has been keeping me busy.

I seriously love how much Europeans appreciate style and fashion. It was incredible traveling and trying out new pieces and pairings. New pieces for this look: statement pants, puffy quilted cardigan and pointy boots.

Italians love black or dark colors in general. Seriously, you will rarely see an Italian in a bright color. So I embraced this with some trousers with a splash of navy and dark turquoise stripes. Then I added a black turtleneck and black velvet pointed sock booties. A puffy cardigan for texture and to bring out the lighter stripe in my pants. A black tote bag, coin necklace and sunglasses to finish it off. Of course you can't forget about a scrunchie (incase the hair gets greasy) and some silver rings.

Not gonna lie, it's harder to find places to shoot but I promise I'll get some more looks up for ya.