Mood Board || Preparing for abroad


If you haven't heard I'm off to fun places this December and I cannot wait. I must say, I am already struggling with my packing list. I love packing and pride myself at being pretty good at it, but I'm stumped when it comes to packing for almost 5 months. Like what?! Hold up. HOW?! That's a real question. I have no idea how I'm going to fit my fashion favorites in a limited space AND leave enough room to get a few goodies or two. So, the struggle is real. Luckily, I've been utilizing Pinterest as my form of inspiration and knowledge of what to wear and what not to wear when in Europe. Of course, I'm also doing my best with limiting my shopping and using what I already have rather than buying loads of clothes that don't even fit in my suitcase (seriously though, as of now I'm vowing not to splurge on anything I don't actually need to survive).


Here's what I'm thinking for my time abroad.

1. I will be there from December until May... maybe longer and will be experiencing the weather changes. For now, I'm going to focus on packing transitional fall pieces that can be used in the spring and colder nights of summer. If I really need certain summer items, I'll just buy them there.

2. SHOES. I LOVE SHOES SO MUCH, but they take up space. So again, I'm bringing items that can be worn later. Athleisure is not a thing in Europe, but Adidas are! So I'll bring my more "fashionable" sneakers, some booties and slip-on shoes to fit my every-day needs.

3. Muted colors. Italy is not big into wearing colors (apparently) and I really don't want to stick out as a tourist any more than I already will. So, I'll stick to lots of desaturated colors: black, gray, camel, olive, maroon, etc., etc. 

4. Nice Pants. No sweats or leggings, like I said, athleisure is not a thing. Jeans and trousers will have to do, but I am perfectly fine with that. (: 

5. Midi skirts/dresses. I'm trying to get more into dresses and Italy will be the perfect place to do that! Plus, I'm in love with the midi-length with short or tall boots. Not sure why, because a year ago I probably hated it, but a girl can change her mind!

6. Outerwear. Lots of cute outerwear. I don't want to take up too much space with puffy winter coats so I figure one long coat will do. Then I can bring some shorter and lighter transitional jackets which will be perfect for layering.

7. Lastly, accessories. Nothing can spice up an outfit more than those smaller details! Scarves, bags and hats. I'm so excited to try on this whole baker-boy hat trend that IG is loving right now and who doesn't love a big cozy scarf to keep you warm and hide half your face!


It's a busy mood board, but I couldn't help it! I am just itching with excitement and inspiration and I wanted to include everything that I could! It's gonna be so tough to pack, but my mindset for what I need is crystal clear. Now if only I could take a million suitcases!

That's all for now friends! Feel free to check out my Pinterest board if you're curious about other European style and inspiration that I'm loving. And if you want to see all of my other mood boards, click here!

Stay tuned for exciting lookbook posts from Europe.