Mood Board || October 2017


Hey there. So, yes it's been awhile... a long while. I've been pretty busy with being a full-time student and having three part-time jobs and all. BUT I am still dreaming away and ready for October. The weather has FINALLY become a little colder. Not too cold to hate, but cold enough to love bundling up. I've been trying to get some lookbook posts together, but it's a slower process than usual so stay tuned for recent outfits. (:

Anywho, it's October and I am excited to dress for the fall weather. Here are the trends I am looking forward to!

  1. Trousers: I LOVE them. I just bought my first pair and I am obsessed with them. These pants are comfortable enough, but also add some class and a tailored element. Seriously, I am pumped to style them.
  2. Tucked-In: I have always loved tucking in my shirt, so I am SO happy it's a trend now. A t-shirt and a belt. It's comfortable and gives the body a little shape.
  3. Fall Colors: This is an obvious, but duh. Right now, I'm loving mustard yellow and a burnt orange. Of course, I still love olive green no matter the season... and gray, because gray goes with everything.
  4. Hoops: Yep, I finally fell for the hoop trend. I wasn't feeling them at first, but now they're becoming a staple. They automatically spice up an outfit and they're cute whether my hair is up or down. Love that.
  5. Bold Makeup: I love dramatic makeup in the fall. When it's colder I feel like I can wear more makeup because I won't sweat it off! A classic fall look is a favorite of mine: smokey eyes, some contour and a dark lip. And when I don't have time to do it all, I throw on a bold lip with some mascara.
October Mood Board.jpg

And that is all! Stay tuned for more lookbook posts heading your way!

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Stay warm.