All of the Trends

The title of this post says it all. With this look I am LOVING all of the trends that I mentioned in my October Moodboard. This was a perfect outfit for the class presentation I had that day. It looked put together and casual, but still businessy without looking stiff. To say I like this outfit would be an understatement. 

|| forever21 shoes || zara trousers || zara top || eggie blazer || target scarf || forever21 earrings ||

Now you might be thinking hey you literally just wore another version of this, didn't you? The answer is yes! I have, but I think a misconception among the fashion industry is that repetition is bad. Okay, fine. So maybe completely repeating the exact same outfit is "bad" (but only people who are privileged can say that). BUT I think that when you repeat pieces or certain color combos, it just shows how much you love certain items or looks. AND there is nothing wrong with loving how you look. <3