The Chicago Condo

We moved!!

We’ve been here for a couple of months now, and it officially feels like home. Plus, it’s finally finished so I figured it was about time to share.

But first, the before shots…


The condo showed beautifully and this is exactly how it looked when we walked through it (these pictures are from the listing online). While the woman who lived here previously had done a nice job, we knew we wanted to make changes. Specifically the blue wall and the yellow entryway wall (not pictured). Every area was painted a different color, there was yellow, light brown, dark teal, off white and white… it was weird and we knew that if it was all one color it would look a lot brighter and cleaner. We also didn’t care for how she set up the living room. The couch was pulled away from the wall making the whole area feeling a little more cramped, and her sectional felt a little bulky.

So we took like an entire month to clean, paint, clean again, move in, organize, fix more things, spend a lot of money, organize more, clean again, and now here we are… finally!

Welcome to our crib.

Wow, we LOVE this place.

I cannot believe how perfectly it all came together. I can definitely say this is a dream home and I feel so lucky that we were able to snag it. It has been so much fun re-organizing and settling in. I have truly loved the process. It feels amazing to reuse all of the things we had in our old place and add just a few new pieces to create a fresh atmosphere.

I’m excited to call this place home for the next few years.

Oh yea… I also made a video because I felt like it. Don’t judge - I’m not a pro, it’s just for fun. :)

love, olivia

love, olivia