Quick Trip to Europe

Here is a collection of some photos I took from our recent trip to Europe. It was only 11 days so we didn’t cross everywhere off the list, but we’re getting closer. <3

Berlin -> Rome -> Berlin -> Salzburg -> Munich -> Berlin



A day of travel… and with the time change we landed in Berlin on the 2nd.


A few hours in Berlin and a night in Rome.


A guided tour of the Vatican, Sistine Chapel (not pictured because you’re not allowed to take pictures), and St. Peter's Basilica. Plus some great food and pretty sites.


A rainy day in Rome called for a wonderful cooking class. Ended with a flight back to Berlin and a late night meal.


Began with breakfast and a 4 hour bike tour to explore and see the entire city. Ate some lunch, went to the Spy Museum and ended with a beer garden and then a traditional German dinner.


Spent the day exploring and re-visiting a flew places that we enjoyed. Then we found a market with local artists and food vendors.


Early train to Munich and then a drive into Salzburg. Once we checked into our hotel in Salzburg we drove along the lakes and mountains, enjoying all the pretty views. We ended our day walking through the city of Salzburg.


The morning in Salzburg was quick, and we went up to Fortress Hohensalzburg to enjoy the view of the city. On our drive back to Munich we stopped at Dokumentationszentrum Obersalzberg, because the Eagle’s Nest was currently closed. Once we were in Munich we explored the city and ended in the place everyone told us to eat and drink, Hofbrauhaus.


A day at the Neuschwanstein Castle, and it felt like a fairytale.


After some stand-still traffic, we finally made it safely back to Berlin. We enjoyed the cutest little cafe, the DDR museum, and one German meal.


An early morning flight back to Chicago.


I know this wasn’t my most descriptive travel post, but what can say? I got lazy and just wanted to enjoy the pictures. If you have questions or want any of my thoughts about the trip in detail, them feel free to comment or reach out. :)

love olivia