Traveling w/ Connor | Nice



day one

The train from Milan to Nice, France was about 5 hours. Luckily, we were seated next to a lovely family from England and got to chat with them. When we arrived, we walked 15 minutes to the hostel. We were pretty hungry after the train ride, so we wandered and found a Chinese restaurant. We got a wok bowl (mine was tofu and his was beef), a bottle of wine and one small scoop of chocolate ice cream. We finished out the night by walking to the beach. Again, more Christmas lights!! And they were beautiful.


day two

We woke up pretty early since we only had one day here. We began with crepes and again, found a pretty authentic place away from the busy shopping strip. We then went on to use their transportation system (which is awesome btw). We headed up the hills and went to the Museum of Archeology Nice and explored Roman ruins. Right next to it was the Museum of Matisse, so we took a look around at Matisse’s artwork. It was about noon when we headed back towards the coast and looked for lunch. On the way we passed a pet store and couldn't help but go in to watch the French bulldogs (in France!!!) and the other pup play. Eventually, we found the cutest bagel place called, Emilie. It had assorted coffee drinks, different bagel-sandwich combinations and little baked sweets.


Afterwards we strolled along the coast and hiked up the Cadran Soilare to take a picture next to the #ILoveNice structure and hiked even higher to the Tour Bellanda to enjoy the view of Nice. Lastly, we grabbed some fresh sandwiches from a small shop and boarded our train to Lyon.


…I have to admit, I absolutely loved Nice and if I could re-plan my itinerary I would’ve made our stay there a couple days longer. Seriously though. It was beautiful and busy but in a calm and chill way. Hard to explain, but once you go there you’ll understand.


Also I learned a lot of people retire there… so maybe I could just do that in the future.



-       Go to the Museum of Archeology and see the Roman Ruins

o   It’s a little out of the way, but it’s pretty cool and free if you have a student ID. Plus it’s not busy and there were 0 lines.

-       Go to Emilie and the Cool Kid’s Bagel Shop

o   AMAZING food and cute place. Just be okay with waiting for a place to sit as it’s small with limited seating.

-       Go up the Tour Bellanda

o   It’s a lot of stairs, but worth it when you see the view

-       Use the public transportation

o   It’s really good and easy to figure out especially coming from the train station