Creative Rut


Here’s a short rant for you.

Italy was amazing and I LOVED feeling so inspired everywhere I went. I was constantly inspired by traveling in itself and the entire European culture. I loved dressing well and eating incredible food. I was constantly editing and uploading content because I was naturally doing so much while I was abroad.

Now I’m home and I feel stuck.

It’s been almost two months since I came home and I still feel creatively stuck and I don’t like it. I want to create good content and I love having a platform to express myself. But right now, all I can express is my frustration with myself and my creative rut. I mean it though. I have zero ideas and every time I think I have one, I am not satisfied with it. It’s not that I have no motivation to put in the work or to go out and physically create, I’m just stuck at the starting point, at that initial idea. Especially when I think about my art projects and my lookbook, because words and thoughts for my journal is what comes the easiest. But thinking about the projects to start or the outfits to put together… I get stuck.


I need a drink, maybe that will spark something.

Creative Rut 2.jpg

Seriously though, I don’t know what to do now and I feel like I’m relying on everything but myself. I relied on Europe to go on adventures and inspire me so that I had something to write about. I relied on the study abroad experience to kick start my creativity and pull out so many amazing ideas. Now (in the back of my mind) I’m relying on the process of becoming an adult (graduating, moving, starting a job, etc.) to help me create content instead of just me and my brain. I need to put my mind to work and then just do it.

Especially when it comes to my art projects and lookbook. This journal is easy. Writing my thoughts, feelings and updating you on my life is easy because I’m not really creating anything. I’m just talking about things as they are. But making art projects and fashion is hard when you’re out of ideas and can’t rely on just your average life to magically cater to your blogging dreams.

…once I have finally found my new creative spark, I know I’ll be uploading content like crazy and hopefully I learn how maintain my creative energy and continue to create things I love. Until then… *insert the shrugging emoji*