22. It’s weird but also not weird. I mean, the age itself doesn’t feel weird, but everything that is changing does. I’m moving out of the cities soon, done with college and have to find a big-girl job. It’s a lot of growing up to do right now.

I wasn’t sure what to write for this blog post, but I knew I wanted to do something. So, I’ll start with some pictures from my birthday, including the celebrations, the food and just things from that day. Honestly, I was hoping to have exactly 22 pictures but I fell a little short, oops!

Now I’ll list 22 of my favorite things right noW

...well other than my friends and family.

1.     My record player that I got from a garage sale 4 years ago

2.     Listening to my record player

3.     Rice cake + mayo + avocado + siracha + everything but the bagel seasoning

4.     Curry

5.     My Paper Source planner

6.     Teaching at CorePower Yoga

7.     Alternative music

8.     Supporting local artists

9.     Polaroid pictures

10.  Mimosas

11.  Sushi

12.  Lifting

13.  Creating things that I love

14.  Plants

15.  Bullet journaling

16.  Going on leisurely walks with friends and pups

17.  Wearing my hair up

18.  Skirts

19.  Call Me by Your Name… movie and soundtrack (got a vinyl and am obsessed )

20.  Red wine

21.  Driving with the windows down when there’s no traffic

22.  My oil diffuser

Last but not least, here’s a classic list of 22 things I’ve learned in 22 years

1.     Take lots of pictures, but not too many

2.     You’re going to grow apart from many people and that’s okay

3.     Go out and have fun, you’re only young once

4.     …but before you go out have chips, chocolate, pizza, and water ready because drunk-you will thank sober-you later

5.     Do something you’re scared of, even if it’s as simple as driving somewhere new

6.     Keep in touch with your family, they love you so remind them that you love them too

7.     Meet new people and make genuine connections with them

8.     Eat what your heart desires, but preferably only 20% of the time

9.     Find something you love and embrace it

10.  If you’re not growing somewhere, then remove yourself and go somewhere new

11.  Lift others up because it’s not worth the time to tear them down, and it’s mean

12.  Sometimes “leaving it at the door” does more harm than good

13.  Go to movies, they’re amazing and have great music in them most of the tim

14.  Travel if you have the chance because you won’t regret it

15.  Challenge yourself in some aspect of your life

16.  Stop worrying about the numbers, you are more than a weight, measurement, likes or followers

17.  Be humble and hungry

18.  Journal to let off some steam or stress, because you will be stressed a lot

19.  Stop worrying too much about money, yes you need it but in the end, it is just that, money

20.  Drop a few bucks in your savings account every once in a while, you will need it

21.  Don’t feel guilty for binge-watching dog videos, dogs will always make you happy

22.  Trust this crazy process called life