Arbonne's 30-Day Challenge to Health Living

I officially completed Arbonne’s 30-Days to Healthy Living program!

Now here are my honest opinions… and even though I am a consultant, I am capable of some tough-love, don’t worry.

Arbonne’s 30 Day Challenge

Let’s begin with a very brief overview of the 30 day challenge so you know what I did this month. If you’ve been reading for a while then you know I did the whole 30 about 3 years ago and it felt really good… but what I never followed up with was the fact that I was never able to maintain it. Arbonne’s 30 Day Challenge to Healthy Living is similar, in that it eliminates certain foods or ingredients like dairy and added, processed sugar. However, you’re still able to have legumes and grains such as brown rice or quinoa! PLUS you get a kit of supplements to help: protein powder, energy boost fizz sticks, digestions plus, etc.. All in all, the goal is to alkalize your body, which means your trying to get your body to a certain PH level… definitely google this if you want to know more in depth. But that’s my brief overview

what i ate

So let’s get right to it. What DID I eat? Well, here’s a little collage of some of my meals, and you’ll notice, it’s NOT perfect.

BREAKFAST: Breakfast was pretty consistent with some rice cakes, avocado, cashew cream cheese, salmon or egg. Sometimes I’d do some oatmeal if I was in a rush and needed to prep the night before

LUNCH: Lunch was also consistent and was normally a yummy arbonne shake. Now, I am super happy about all of the fun recipes I was able to find or come up with!

DINNER: This is where I got to get creative and it varied night to night, yay for fun cooking!! Luckily, when you begin the 30 day challenge you join a MASSIVE group of tons of people going through the same thing. You’re constantly supported with tips and shared recipes! Of course, there were a few nights where it was perfect - spotted: falafel and cauliflower gnocchi.

DESSERT/SNACKS: These were pretty much one in the same… oops. However I loved snacking on the Arbonne protein powder cups… literally like reeses but better and less guilt, woo!

Overall, eating was not hard. Especially when I compared it to whole 30. It was easy and came easily!

So the end results?


On the outside, not much. I am slightly leaner and less bloated, and lost one inch on my waist. I’m honestly not surprised at all. My goal for this 30 day challenge wasn’t to change my body. If you saw my last fitness post, then you’ll know that I was super content with my body. I already felt confident and strong, so these results aren’t surprising or disappointing at all.

On the inside… I will say I have never felt so cleansed in my life… if you know what I mean. :P My gut felt awesome and my digestion was consistent. I feel good.

the tough love

So… here’s my tough love and most likely, it’s only an issue for me or for a select group of people.

Over the last year I’ve been learning a lot about the production of animal products and how it hurts the animals, our bodies and the planet. Which is why I try to eat more plant based, and somewhat indulging in a few animal products like cheese, eggs and seafood every now and then.

I absolutely LOVE that Arbonne is vegan and cruelty free, and it’s a huge reason why I invested in these products and became a consultant. In fact, it’s definitely one of the selling points of Arbonne (the fact that it’s vegan & cruelty free) BUT when it comes to the 30 day challenge there is zero effort to encourage a vegan or even vegetarian diet. As a company that sells its products using the vegan label, you’d think the 30 day challenge would at least mention the benefits of eating fewer animal products. In my group there were vegan grocery lists and recipes shared, but again… ZERO information. On the other grocery lists, I saw that the meat suggested were labeled as grass-fed or free range, which I believe goes to show how little Arbonne actually know about the food industry and how those labels barely make a difference in how animals are being treated. It’s a vegan company with a 30 day challenge with vegan supplements and tools, but absolutely zero information or education about veganism…

Again, I feel like this issue probably doesn’t bother anyone else… but as someone who chose Arbonne because it’s vegan, it’s disappointing to see that the 30 Day Challenge doesn’t provide any information or encouragement to consume fewer animal products. I guess, it just feels like Arbonne doesn’t have or encourage a consistent brand of truly being vegan or cruelty free.

Tough love I suppose.

should you do it?

In the end, yes! I think if you go into it with the will to try and learn, then you should absolutely try it. It’s another wonderful way to learn about food and how certain groups affect your body. I don’t regret trying and you won’t either. :) However (back to my tough love) if you are someone interested in a more plant based diet, keep in mind you might be on your own with that or reach out to your consultant for help!

Feel free to reach out to me for any questions or if you wanna get started right away. :)

love olivia