Hello 2019


Well here it is, the new year. A fresh start. New year, new me. All that typical stuff.

So I wanted to join in by sharing my biggest New Years Resolutions… even though I’m proud to say that they’re not completely new. Actually I’ve been making small steps the past few months/years to accomplish them. However, I feel like it’s nice to get them out there for the start of 2019 too, because why not?

In no particular order, here are my resolutions for 2019.


I have had a LONG fitness journey. And by fitness, I mean being fit on my own and without dance or a structured club or class to keep me going. By fitness, I mean my own personal fitness. So I’ve been on my own fitness journey for probably the last three years or so and it’s been quite the journey. Seriously, here are some pictures to show you exactly what has changed in just over a year (and btw never thought I’d ever share this picture from last year... I am so self-conscious of them so please no judging, this was not a high point in my life).

before after.001.jpeg

For real though. I have never felt this amazing or felt this confident in my body EVER. Even when I was a student-athlete. I feel like I’ve never looked like this in my life and have never felt stronger. I feel more capable and I’ve already surpassed past goals that I’ve set!

2019 & Fitness: I will continue my fitness journey by growing in my personal yoga practice and trying out new ways to be active while staying confident in my body: how it looks and what it can do!



Yet another aspect of my life that I’ve been working on. I know these first two are SO cookie-cutter but they’re true! I have been on a crazy food journey and am content with my current relationship with food. I have learned SO much about how the food I eat affects my body and the earth. I’m constantly looking for more ways to eat a little bit more holistic and pure, and in a way that will help my body, lessen my carbon footprint, and not support animal cruelty.

2019 & Food: I will learn more about my relationship with food, and how food affects our bodies and our planet. From that information I will be able to make informed and conscious decisions about the food I’m consuming.



Okay, I know this could have just fit in with fitness, but I wanted it to be its own category. I have fallen in love with being a yoga teacher. I never thought I would be this person, but here we are. Yoga has done a lot for me emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. I could (and probably should) write an entire blog post about it. As a student I still want to grow my personal yoga practice, but as a teacher I love giving back and want to continue on that journey as well.

2019 & Yoga: I will complete 200hr Power Teacher Training and will begin teaching full-time with a mix of yoga sculpt, C1 and C2 classes. I will also pursue my interest in leadership by making connections and expressing my passion for yoga and the community.



If you’ve peaked at my lookbook recently you might’ve read about my inner battles with being fashionable while trying to be minimal. Lately, I’ve been looking into minimalism a lot. I don’t think it needs to be super dramatic, like I’m not going to only own one fork and knife. But I want to be more practical and more conscious about all the purchases I make and the items I keep. I want to truly love everything I own and know that everything I own is being loved often, rather than sitting in my closet year after year. I’m also tired of all the clutter and random things… it’s just not necessary to have SO much stuff, and while I did declutter a lot during my move, I still know I held back. So this is just about taking baby steps to declutter my life and to know that I only want to own things I truly love and use.

2019 & Minimalism: I will work on keeping and purchasing only items that I truly love, use often and need in order to live less materialistic and with a more a purposeful life.

low waste


You may have heard of zero-waste or low-waste or eco-friendly. While they are all different in meaning, they all center around the same idea. To use or not to use things in order to help our planet live and prosper. Global warming and pollution are real. The fact that plastic doesn’t break down for hundreds of years is real. The fact animals die everyday because of our trash is real. There’s a lot of truth out there, but we forget and don’t do anything about it. Sure we cheer for starbucks for banning plastic straws, but then we keep using the PLASTIC lids they replaced them with.

I’ve been learning a lot about trash lately and about the zero-waste lifestyle, and have been slowing implementing it. However, I’m only doing the basic things, like I make sure to always bring reusable grocery and produce bags when I shop. And I bought stainless steel straws. I know I can and should go further, because I (aka we) throw away so much trash. Sure you can recycle things, but most of the time it NEVER actually gets recycled. It’s crazy because out of “reduce, reuse and recycle” - we only seem to remember the last part. But if we started by reducing harmful materials that we use in the first place or reused what we couldn’t reduce, then we wouldn’t even have to recycle!! Just sayin.

2019 & Low Waste: I will take steps to decrease my amount of waste by being knowledgeable on how to compost, buy in bulk, reuse and reduce harmful materials that take up landfills, and more!

social media

Ah the battle with social media continues. It’s crazy that Instagram is still alive and that nothing has come to replace it, but while it’s here I want to use it wisely. In the past I’ve found myself in this social media spiral, where I love sharing and posting, and then suddenly find myself comparing my life to everyone’s filtered IG life. It’s been a rollercoaster.


In 2017 I deleted my Instagram for a few months and it felt liberating. Then I made a new account because I realized I still loved sharing pictures and the break gave me a new perspective on how I should use social media. Now, I’m finding myself stuck between wanting to share my life, but wanting to also post about all of the things I listed about: yoga, fitness, food, minimalism and low-waste… but I know that some people won’t care and I get that.

My original plan was to create a 2nd account and I was super into this idea.. until I remembered how lazy I am and that it sounded like too much work. Instead, I want to slowly change my current content. I want to share everything about my life and goals, but in a classy way. I don’t want to just add more clutter… I want to add posts that have meaning. That combine yoga, food, minimalism and low-waste while still staying true to my life and my world. This all sounds so cheesy, but it’s how I feel.

2019 & Social Media: I will use social media in a purposeful way in order to share my passions and interests without letting comparison or numbers get the best of me.

mental health

This is a tough topic, but I’ve been dealing with a lot lately. So I started therapy and it’s been so helpful. It’s also been incredibly difficult… the whole therapy-process, but I know I’m making steps in the right direction to understand my feelings and actions. I don’t have too much I want to share right now, but I know I want to continue to take my mental health seriously.

2019 & Mental Health: I will continue to go to therapy to help my personal mental health so that I may be a better person to myself and others.

staying present


This past year I’ve spent a lot of time on my phone, on the computer, in front of a screen or just mentally drifting off. For 2019 I truly want to focus on the now and maximizing every single moment I’m in. Simply put, I want to be present when I’m with others and set aside other time for movies, social media and blog posts. I don’t want to sacrifice my connections for screen time. I can catch up on my favorite TV show before Connor gets home from work or in between yoga classes when I have a break. I can edit a picture for Instagram and figure out a caption when I’m riding the train home or after I’ve had brunch with friends. It sounds kind of stupid, but I’ve definitely sat in a circle of people where everyone is just editing their pictures… it’s annoying and I’m part of the problem. So time to stay present.

2019 & Staying Present: I will be mindful of how I’m utilizing time spent with others and stay present so that I can truly connect with loved ones.

Wow, that was a lot of words and as always, if you made it this far then I’m impressed and appreciate your time. I hope some of my resolutions can inspire some of your own. Most importantly, remember that even though you set goals for 2019 doesn’t mean you can’t start now. I think that it’s never too early to try and reach your goals. The new year is just another chance to reset your motivation and mindset as you continue to conquer your life.

love olivia

P.S. More posts to come on these goals. :) See you then!


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