The Chicago Apartment


Took me awhile, but I finally got everything in place and am so happy to share this space with you. I am in love with this apartment and love how everything came together. It’s a little mix of my stuff from my last apartment, with some new pieces here and there. So it feels like my old home, but still has some fresh excitement.

Now I’m not going to show you every single item in here, because you really don’t need to see the messy closets or the dirty oven. These are just tiny peaks into the space I live in!

when you walk in


The best part about this place is the floor-to-ceiling windows. It’s the first thing you see when you walk in and the view is incredible. I know you might be noticing that construction, but I surprisingly don’t hear it and kind of like the industrial-unfinished look!

A mix of storage and display greets you as you walk in… after you see the view of course. I LOVE these Ikea shelves and have had them for years in my old bedroom. They’re the Ikea Kallax Shelf Units and I’m a fan of how I use them to display and store everything and anything! I love casually displaying my camera equipment, recipe books, pictures and blankets (even though you can’t see those because they’re at the bottom!).

the living room

(We’re skipping the kitchen, because to be honest, it’s practical and normal; nothing to really show off.)

Love this living space. I was lucky enough to get all of the furniture from my mom’s basement so, of course I brought it. Of course, I do have a few new things. First, I made the plant hangers for the window using macrame cording and by simply googling how to make plant hangers. Then I got a homemade wall weaving from my dear friend Kira who is honestly one of the sweetest people I know. So if you’re wanting a homemade wall hanging, definitely reach out to her!

Yes, two TVs. I know it’s crazy, but I didn’t want a TV in the bedroom and more often then not, Connor and I like to watch different things at the the same time. Also, there’s Teddy the golden doodle in his normal spot. And last but not least, my Harry Potter books (yes, I know I’m missing one and I don’t want to discuss it) with my favorite book ends!

the little nook

So it’s not really a nook, but I’m counting it as one. A chair, my record player, and some throw pillows? Yea, that’s definitely a nook.

the bathroom + more

Empty wall space = a need for decor. Love this wine holder, and we don’t have red wine glasses, but these champagne flutes will do!

Also here is a little table. I really like it, but we couldn’t really find a place for it so we decided to put in this little corner before you enter the bathroom. Plus, every home needs a completely useless and solely decorative table. So I put this picture on a clipboard and added three trinkets: a little glass thing, a piggy bank and a fake plant, because everything is great in threes.

And here’s a little peak into the bathroom. Very little since the bathroom isn’t anything super pretty but my medicine cabinet is! And as you can see it’s filled with everything except medicine. At the top, I have my occasional haircare and skincare. Third row is more haircare and some contacts. Second row is filled with my every-day skincare - can you tell I like skincare products? And at the very bottom is my makeup!

the bedroom

More floor to ceiling window *insert heart eyes emoji!!! Yes, I’m still obsessed with these windows. Of course, simple decorations for the win in here. Amazing art by the amazing Cait Courneya - who I get art from literally every year. Plus, lots of pillows and blankets on the bed… and one under the bed because Teddy likes to sleep under there! On the dresser theres just some decor and jewelry boxes/holders, with a pillow case under it because it looks good. And man, finishing off with that view again. Man, I will never get tired of it.

love oc