Why I Said Yes

I decided to say yes to Arbonne. Aka I said yes to Network Marketing.

I know… I have a lot of explaining to do. Let me start by saying that I said a harsh no in the beginning and for the first few months of using Arbonne’s products. I was certain that I would never be that girl and thought I have a degree, there’s no way I’m going to do Network Marketing or MLM. I’m dead serious. You can ask anyone who talked to me about it this past summer and I was against it. So why am I saying yes now? Oh boy, where do I start?!


(1) i fell in love with the products

My first excuse to my independent consultant, Taylor was that I had only tried the product for three days and I didn’t want to sell a product that I wasn’t in love with, because then it wouldn’t be genuine. Of course, I LOVED the skincare for just those three days and hated how much I loved it. So I bought the prepwork skincare line and some protein powder and ugh, I loved those products too! I even hosted a party and got more products and still loved it all. I hated it, but I loved it. So yea, I genuinely fell in love with the products over time.

(2) i did research & then realized this business would be mine

Oh good lord, I did SO much research during the whole process. From the moment Taylor introduced me to the business side, to probably just a few days ago after saying yes. There’s so much information out there and it’s hard to know what to listen to. Some say “pyramid scheme” and others say “nice side hustle” and to be honest it was all just a lot of information, positive and negative. Can you make money with Arbonne? Yes. Can you lose money with Arbonne? Also yes. There are tons of perspectives to every business and in the end my love for the product out weighed some negative doubt.

I realized that maybe it didn’t work out for some people, but that was their business and this is mine. Meaning I could run it however I wanted to. I’m not going to do anything that feels like I’m manipulating others. I’m not going to blow tons of money on product if I don’t think it will benefit me or someone else. I’m not going to force anyone into purchasing products that they don’t want or into a business that they don’t feel comfortable with. Will I still share the product or business if I think people will be interested? Yes. But I don’t need to hassle anyone to the point of sacrificing any relationships. All of my doubts from research suddenly became irrelevant when I realized I would have control of my business. Me.

(3) i never set the goal of getting rich fast

When I was doing research and googling “should I do MLM?” I realized there was one consistent piece of advice that was along the lines of “if you’re looking for an easy way to get rich fast then stay away, but if you love a product and want to share it anyway then why not try?” MLM is not an easy way out or something that does not take effort. I have barely begun and can already tell it’s going to be a lot of work. But I’m not trying to get rich, I’m just sharing something I love and getting a little commission off of it. In fact, I’m not relying on Arbonne to pay all of the bills and to fully support my lifestyle. I rely on a full-time job that consistently pays, to pay the bills. Arbonne is simply a nice side hustle to (maybe) make some extra cash and to continue using products I love at a discounted price. Are you telling me that you would say no to a few bucks here and there for every product purchased that you recommended to someone?

(4) i’ll take whatever $$$ i can get

With money in mind, I just want to reiterate that I’m not trying to get rich or use it as my only job. I’m trying to live in this world. I’m trying to pay rent & utilities, buy groceries and pay off my credit card. I’m trying to buy products I love at a decent price. When Taylor first came to me, she was realistic. She didn’t dish out empty promises. She simply pointed out her own goal: to earn enough for the grocery bill each month, roughly $300. $300 is not a lot of money, but it’s money and you bet your butt I will still use it for something I need. Will I make a lot? Not sure yet. If I don’t, then I’m still getting some awesome discounts on products I love and would buy anyway. And if this side hustle grows and happens to match a full-time salary or more, then cheers to me, this business and my team!

(5) i wanted to be that lady

My mom and I had an Avon lady, Beth. She never hustled my mom to work for her or to buy things we didn’t want or need. She gave us the power to purchase products only when we wanted to. She was so kind, like another grandma. We were pretty close to her considering she wasn’t biologically or legally apart of our family. I remember going over to her house, looking through Avon catalogues and getting little Christmas gifts from her that weren’t even Avon-related. She was a sweetheart, and a positive light in our life and my early childhood. Do I need to be with Arbonne to be a positive light? No. But I love how it connects people together who you never thought you would know or be close to. I want to be like Beth, but for someone else.

(6) supportive community

Being a former dancer and dance coach, I was always involved with the dance world until suddenly I realized I wouldn’t be. As independent as I am, I still love having a community and was drawn to Arbonne’s supportive network and world. Everyone lifts each other up rather than competing for the top, and I love that. Plus, the interactions I’ve had with any Arbonne consultant have never felt forced or manipulative. It felt genuine, which I was honestly shocked about after hearing so many bad stigmas about MLM. A supportive community is one of my top priorities in the workplace and Arbonne checks it off the list.

(7) THESE products!!!

I know this was the first thing I said, but I just need to bring this all full circle and reiterate that I genuinely LOVE the products. The more I use them, the more I love them. I knew I was going to keep buying more products, so might as well buy them from myself. I love them.

So, that was a lot to read and hopefully it all makes sense to you. You don’t have to love my decision or join my team or host a party. All I ask is that you respect my decision, and don’t worry, I promise not to sell you products if you have zero interest in them.

love oc

P.S. If you have more questions about Arbonne or this business, ask! If you want to judge or scorn me, keep it to yourself. :)

First photo by Holger Link on Unsplash

Thumbnail photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash