Hello Chicago


Surprise, I moved!

If you’ve been keeping up with my Instagram then you might’ve seen that I dropped a few hints about Chicago. If not then, here it is: my official announcement. I moved to Chicago!

I’ve never been a home-body and the second I came back from being abroad, I knew I wanted to go somewhere new. I had been to Chicago two times beforehand and immediately saw myself living there, because I love big cities. I wasn’t ready for NYC, but Chicago? Absolutely.

the hunt

The past few months have been hectic: filled with moving boxes, constant LinkedIn job hunts and anticipation. In early September, Connor and I went to Chicago to apartment hunt. We looked at around 18 places in just two days and by the end of it, we applied for our first apartment together. The next weekend we moved everything in to our new apartment, and after months of anticipating the unknown, we took a sigh of relief knowing that we were finally home. …well Connor was. I had two jobs that I committed to in Minnesota so I went back and for the next month I lived out of a few boxes in my mother’s basement, slept on a couch that was too short for my body, and finished up my last month of work. The month flew by and before I knew it, I was heading to my new home.

So now what?

Time to decorate! I cannot wait to put in some finishing touches to our place and promise you will be the first to see my new home. It will be a process, but I’m excited for Chicago to finally feel like my home.

I’m still on the hunt for a job (hi, please hire me!), and hope to pick up some yoga sculpt classes at the nearby CorePower Yoga studios. Everything is so new, but I’m excited for what’s to come and cannot wait to hit the ground running with the upcoming possibilities.

Of course I’m going document all of my struggles and successes in this new city, so feel free to follow along if you’re curious. That’s all for now folks.

love oc

First photo by Jordan Lomibao on Unsplash

Thumbnail photo by Brad Knight on Unsplash