Another Re-Vamp

If you’ve been here since 2016, then you’ve seen the many different stages my blog has gone through. With every “re-vamp” came a fresh start, a new look and a new focus. Each time, I’ve gotten closer and closer to making the blog exactly what I’ve wanted, and I can definitely say I’m closer then ever before.


fresh start & new look

Moving to Chicago brings in a ton of fresh ideas and new things to inspire me, and help me grow into a young adult (ah scary). I wanted my blog to reflect how I’m feeling and so I re-designed it once again. I will say, I loved my old layout, but was ready to really hone in on particular colors, fonts and looks. I also changed my logo (again) and am so proud that I designed it myself. It’s simple, but it again, reflects how I’m feeling as I’m becoming an adult.

new focus

Every time I changed my blog, my focus was always the same: to take it seriously and be successful. What I found each time was that I failed because I made it too much work for myself. The blog became a scheduled chore rather than a fun outlet. I think I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I don’t need this blog to make money or to create millions of partnerships and get sponsors. If it does, then cool… if it doesn’t, then that’s cool too. Right now, I just want to run with it and have fun creating and sharing. No pressure to make anything happen or to create content for the sake of posting recent content. Instead, I’m focusing on creating when I truly want to; when I’m inspired and have the creative bug. This blog is about happiness instead of suffering. Creating makes me feel happy, and when I hit the points of stress or discomfort, then I’m suffering, and will back off for a little bit. Point is, I’m blogging because I love it. That is my ultimate focus: to just do what makes me happy.


So thank you for reading if you’ve stuck with me for this long. Even if you just creep every-so-often. Be ready for my inconsistent posting schedule, long rants and low quality pictures. See you around.

love oc

Photo above by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Thumbnail photo by Ben Kolde on Unsplash