traveling w/ connor | florence again


day one


We ended our trip back in Florence for multiple reasons. First, it’s convenient since Connor had his flight and I start my study abroad program. Second, it was comfortable to come back to a place we knew. We began by going to the History of Science Museum and absolutely loved it. It was very fascinating and had a variety of items and exhibits to look at.


One thing we learned while being here is that Europe has major sales two times of the year. By major, I mean anywhere from 30-70% off on amazing products and goodies. These sales happen in January and July. So we took full advantage of this and spent part of the day shopping, since the trip was winding down and we wouldn’t have to carry the extra weight much farther. I got a few goodies for myself including a few clothing items and a handmade leather keychain. Connor got some gifts to bring back to his family and of course, for Teddy (the goldendoodle).


day two


For our final day we wanted to do something we hadn’t done before. While knowing the lay of the land in Florence is wonderful, we had run out of tourist things to do. So we decided to take a risk and rent a moped for a few hours. While Italians do drive on the right side of the road, it was still difficult to navigate the city. Plus, most moped drivers are relentless and risky, weaving in between cars. So we quickly made our way our of the city and went about randomly to the area near Montespertoli and then Empoli. Along the way we stopped for a lunch in the middle of nowhere. It was perfect. The views as we drove were breathtaking and these pictures do it no justice at all. We returned around 5:00 pm and went to our Airbnb to pack. We ended with a late dinner and some gelato, and called it a successful day.




-       Go to TAMERO

o   I know I mentioned this in the first Florence post, but again it’s so so good. Get the Bufala pizza and you’ll be hooked. I will be going there a lot the next four months.

-       Stay at this Airbnb

o   Overall, both Florence Airbnbs were our favorite places to stay out of the entire trip. The difference this time is that we were farther away. About 20 minutes using public transportation. However, we got more bang for our buck. The place was spacious and updated and roomy. Honestly, it was an ideal place to stay. And I would definitely stay here again!

-       Go to the country side

o   Even if you can’t rent a moped, find a way. It gives you a fresh perspective and beautiful views of all the rolling hills.