Traveling w/ Connor | Venice



day one


We woke up on our train and found that it had been delayed about an hour and so we made it to Venice around 10:30 in the morning. Right away, we took a boat (a.k.a. the only way you can get around) and headed to our Airbnb where we dropped our luggage off and got right to exploring. We started in the main square, where all the tourists are and went from there. Have I mentioned how good we got at aimlessly walking? We ate at a restaurant that hosted a lot of food tours (so it must be good, right?) and got beer and pizza. As the sun set, we decided to do a Gondala boat tour and it was absolutely beautiful! Afterwards we headed to our Airbnb which was on Giudecca and away from the tourist spot. We found another great restaurant and I had a freshly baked calzone. It was the perfect way to end the night.


day two


I decided to sleep in until 9 so we could checkout of our hostel in time (at 10). From there we stayed in Giudecca and found the most adorable snack shop. Again, it was far from tourists and filled with locals who told us which snacks were good. We had two sandwich-type things, a crème croissant, and a cuppocino, and it was all amazing (and only 10 euros total!!). The whole thing felt really authentic. Afterwards we caught the boat and headed to a museum that had old naval ships in it. It was pretty fascinating and not busy at all. Again, we wandered far away from the tourist spots and found ourselves near some sort of carnival and garden. It was a lovely area and we saw a lot of dogs in fashionable sweaters and puffy coats. Seriously though, at one point it became weird seeing a dog without anything on. To finish off our time in Venice we went to the Grand Canal, took some pictures and grabbed pasta-to-go. Unfortunately, we didn’t time out the boats very well and we missed our train. On the flip side, we got lucky and the next train was only an hour difference.




-       If you're looking for a place to stay, click here

o   Generator Venice was the best hostel we stayed in by far. Like Lyon's Ho36, there’s a restaurant below and the night we were there they did karaoke. Everything in general was pretty nice and felt clean and safe. The best part is the location. You might think that being on a different island is a con, but it’s awesome. You get to be away from the loud tourist traffic and discover more local shops and food.

-       Pack as light as you can

o   Again, rolling around suitcases on cobblestone sucks, but having a ton of luggage on the boat is worse. You take up so much space and it becomes a hassle for you and the people around you.

-       Places to eat:

o   La Palanca - Typical Italian bar with the four main things: alcohol, coffee, sandwiches and baked goods. Extremely delicious and filled with locals. Plus the staff was very friendly.

o   Pizza & Dolci - AMAZING pizza and calzones at low prices. One of the best pizza places I went to out of my entire trip... top 3 for sure!

-       Do a Gondola Tour

o   Cheesy and super touristy, but you can’t go to Venice and not do one. It’s worth it.