going fun places

Hello friends, family and random people of the internet!

If we've recently talked then you probably already know, but if not read on.

the backstory

I could've graduated a semester early. I was SO close, but I had just one class left and that class was required and that class was also only offered in the spring. This was the point where I imagine those scenes in movies where someone collapses to their knees, has large hand gestures and screams NOOOOOOOOoooooooo at the top of their lungs. I was already hoping to study abroad during the summer, so I figured I might as well bump it up and go for an entire semester. Why not, right? 

My first choice was Copenhagen, but in order to get my required class credits covered I had to find a class to match it abroad, and that match was tough to find. Literally there was only one place that worked... but hey, a girl can't complain about studying abroad in the first place. And so the process began and I filled out paperwork, got my visa, and went through all that other annoying busy work that ya gotta do. It's worth it though because... (drumroll please)

i'm studying abroad in florence, italy for the entire spring semester


the academic plan

Even though I'll have a full course-load, all of the classes I've applied for look incredible and I think I'll enjoy them. They're fashion, art and design based so that is crazy awesome for me! I'm talking about classes like Photography in Florence, Fashion and Marketing Trends, and Lettering. Woah, don't those sound pretty cool?! And let's be honest, the last thing I'm worried about is my grades or GPA. Obviously I want to pass and learn, but I also want to experience the culture and all that Italy has to offer. I'll do my work and do it well, but I'll be the first to admit that I might not be such a tryhard this spring semester. Besides, it's my last semester of college so I gotta make it a good one, right?! 

the travel plan

I'm heading to Italy in December to do some traveling before the program starts. From there, I figured I'll get settled with my schedule, my home and new friends. Once I'm in the swing of things, you bet your bottom that I'll be trying to travel at least once a month. I'm talking about London, Portugal, Greece, Amsterdam or any other place I don't go to during winter break... you name it and I probably want to go there! I don't have an exact plan, but I'll figure it out when I get there.


I've been itching with excitement for the last few months, but didn't want to share anything out of fear of jinxing it. I wanted to make sure I got accepted, got my visa (ugh what a tedious process) and that it was official. AND IT IS! So, that is that. Of course with all of my new free time coming up, you bet I'll be sharing my adventures and Italy-inspired fashion right here on the blog and on instagram. I cannot wait to experience and share this journey with you. <3 


P.s. If you've been to Europe or Italy lemme know what your favorite spots are! I would love to add more places to my list of where to adventure. And not just the touristy ish... but little local places that you loved! <3