Taking It Seriously


Hello and welcome back

So it's been awhile and if you didn't notice, im-oc got a major makeover. After over a year of blogging, I've finally decided to take this blog seriously and treat it a little more like a business than my hobbie. Of course, not too seriously because I still want to enjoy it and use it as a creative outlet. BUT a little more seriously than before. So I want to point out four things that have changed.

1. Aesthetic

Clearly, my aesthetic has changed and I'm trying to keep it consistent. I never really had a theme before and while I don't want to limit myself from what pictures I can and cannot take (like my new instagram account), I want to create a site that visually flows. So, I officially got my own logo (that my friend Jen designed), took new website pictures and have added some graphics to my blog posts. The goal is to have a constant theme. It took me forever to decide how I wanted it, but I've been loving natural colors, like greens and yellows for the last two years so I figured a natural color scheme will never go out of style. ...who stops loving nature? I am also working on the quality of my content. I've decided to take time learning more about Photoshop and Lightroom so I can share my best work possible. I know these first few months of learning everything may be a little rough, but I'm eager to learn.

2. Social media

If you knew me before than you know that I deleted my Instagram account for various reasons. However, after some time away I decided to get it back and create a new account that is for this blog. It is not about my personal life at all, but this blog instead. I think that separating this account from my personal life will help with all of the problems that made me delete instagram in the first place. Along with Instagram, I've changed my Pinterest account a little bit to cater it to my blog audience and decided to get a tumblr to reach a new audience completely. I'm still debating if I need/want any other social media accounts specifically for the blog, but I know this is a good place to start.


I've narrowed down my niche every time I've revamped this blog and I think I've FINALLY finalized it. Fashion will always be in the picture. It is something I am obsessed with on a consistent basis. Not necessarily high-end brands or expensive shoes, but being fashionable and putting together outfits that make me feel confident in my own skin. So the lookbook will remain the same. My journal will also stay, because I love having a place to dump some of my more personal experiences. Whether it's a trip somewhere or my late-night thoughts, having a journal makes this blog become mine. It's what separates my blog from others. Lastly, I've added a section for all of the projects I am working on. I am constantly doing other creative things that aren't as consistent as fashion. These projects are all over the place, but when I am doing them, I love them dearly. So, I figured it was time to incorporate those crafts into my blog as well. All in all, I hope that these topics will not only expand my own creativity, but inspire others to do the same.

4. name

Lastly, I changed the name of my blog. I wanted to keep my initials so I wouldn't have to change the domain (because I am lazy), but I also wanted to create a name that still described me. Oh, and of course the name had to be catchy and easy to remember. I kept thinking "out of control" or "obsessive compulsive" but neither of those describe me at all. I am very much in control... in fact, I will probably be a helicopter mom when I'm older (sorry future kids) and I don't have obsessive compulsive disorder. Finally, it hit me like duh, just change one word. And so I came up with Obsessive Creative, because it describes me perfectly. I am obsessed with being creative and trying new things to release my artistic side. So here we are... welcome to Obsessive Creative.