Project Comeback | Part I

I'm trying to hold myself accountable, so I've decided to blog my "project comeback."

Normally, I'm a healthy person. I don't restrict myself from any food groups, but I eat well on a daily basis with a few meals out here and there. I don't workout every single day, but I workout 3 to 4 times a week for about an hour each time because the workouts I do, I do because I love it. I'll sometimes gain or lose a pound here or there, but it's never a lot to make a big difference. Overall, I've always been good at simply maintaining my current state.

Unfortunately, the month of July has been crazy and full of constant work. While I did my best by prepping my meals, my normal routine was thrown off and now I can tell that my body is out of whack. I went to yoga for the first time in A MONTH (ugh) and I could feel where I lost muscle, flexibility and strength.  

I know there are no quick fixes to a healthy lifestyle, but I'm still a sucker for trying fitness programs. Not because they "guarantee" weight loss, but because I need guidance to get back into the flow of things. I can't go to a gym and just workout. I need a plan or a class. Which is why I love going to yoga and fitness classes, and why I liked Whole 30 (at the time). Straight-forward guides are necessary for me. 

I have started Amanda Bisk's 12 week Fresh Body Fit Mind program more times than I can remember and have only successfully completed it once. This is the only fitness program I genuinely like (sorry Kayla Itsines), because it does not require a gym or equipment (at all!!!). It's not a form of punishment or something I dread. This program is something I can change to fit my lifestyle: I can add in, take out and completely rearrange the workouts without feeling guilty. It's simple, motivational and I enjoy doing it. 

Of course getting back into a fitness routine wouldn't be complete without some lifestyle changes. Now, I'm not going to go into anything intense (like that one time), but I am going to slowly integrate my old habits. I will get more sleep at night, drink more water and green tea, and be mindful about what I eat. Simple little stupid stuff that is underrated when it comes to changing your body.

This "project comeback" isn't just about losing weight, getting toned or having a bikini-ready body (because people can wear whatever the f*** they want). It's not about being perfect or doing every single workout in the program every single day or only eating whole and clean food 24/7. This is not a way to achieve happiness (because I am already happy). My project comeback is about getting back into a routine where I feel strong, energized and stress-free.

Day 1, here we go!

love, OC


Thumbnail photo by Joanna Kosinska