It's Been Over a Month


A little over a month ago, I deleted my instagram account (you can read about why, here) and since then, I've had some time to reflect. Here's a list of thoughts I came across while not having Instagram... in a rough chronological order. 

  1. My phone battery lasts a lot longer without Instagram
  2. So this is what the morning news is like
  3. I have nothing to do on my phone now... guess I can be productive
  4. I feel free
  5. I think I'm happier... or is this a mind game
  6. Woah, I was really productive and have free time, cool.
  7. Seeing others stress out about IG makes me feel good, because I don't put myself through that anymore
  8. I'm definitely happier... I feel good about life, my body, the world...
  9. I'm at an event, but I don't feel obligated to prove that I was there
  10. This is so nice
  11. Sweet, I don't have to get the most perfect birthday-shoutout picture. Just for mems.
  12. Shit, I don't think I've missed having it once
  13. ...but I do miss creeping, not enough to get it back, but it was convenient 
  14. I'm better than okay without IG
  15. I don't want to have an IG any time soon.

When I first started this post, I expected the list to be longer. The truth it, these thoughts only happened within the first week of not having IG. After that, I simply forgot that I didn't have it. Not having IG became normal and I didn't feel like I was an alien because I didn't have it. The only time I think about IG is when my friends bring it up and ask why I no longer have one. 

Other than that, I feel wonderful. It feels normal because it is normal, my normal.

love, OC

p.s. Here's an example of how much I don't miss IG. I quit one of my internships that required IG.