The Boundary Waters


7.1.17. - 7.3.17.

As a city girl, camping for the first time was extremely intimidating, but this year I felt ready to go. Of course, every camping trip is different, especially when you decide to add in canoeing and a 6 month old puppy. Despite the potential chaos, we decided to go for it and made our way to the Boundary Waters.

day one

  • the night before: packed up the car and headed to Duluth for the night
  • 7 AM: left Duluth and drove to the Boundary Waters
  • 10 AM: arrived at our load in spot and started canoeing through Kawishiwi Lake
  • 3 PM: set up camp on Kawaschong Lake
  • 5 PM: Teddy ran through the water and we started a fire for dinner
  • 9 PM: headed to bed

day two

  • 8 AM: woke up and began the morning with breakfast
  • 10 AM: I took a nap, because cramps...
  • 1 PM: lunch time with mac n cheese
  • 3 PM: Teddy swam for the first time ever 
  • 5:30 PM: had soup and rice for dinner
  • 9:30 PM: watched the sunset

day three

  • 8 AM: woke up with some oatmeal
  • 9 AM: packed up the campsite and began canoeing
  • 12 PM: arrived at our load-in site, packed the car back up and headed home

It was a shorter trip, but it turned out to be the perfect amount of time for the three of us. Hopefully we'll stay longer next time. 

love, OC

p.s. If you'd like more detailed information about our trip (planning, packing, logistics, etc.) or have any questions feel free to contact me here.