Twenty One Fun

On June 9th, I officially turned 21 years old... and I don't feel any different.

I filled the entire weekend with birthday celebrations, well not actually celebrations but it was my excuse to not do anything productive. Instead, I treated myself to celebratory meals and drinks with friends and family.


My mother got my boyfriend, Connor and me tickets to a comedy show at The Brave New Workshop in Downtown Minneapolis. The show was centered around online dating and it was hysterical. It had been a few years since I had seen a show there, but this was definitely the best one so far. I highly recommend going to a show!

friday morning

My mother and I went to lunch at Ike's in Bloomington and yum, it was delicious and very filling. We started with the potstickers for an appetizer and I had the french dip sandwich as my main entree. The most surprising part was the huge portion of bread pudding with ice cream and whipped cream, that the restaurant was kind enough to serve to me for free for my birthday. Even though I was incredibly full, I ate a little bit and took the rest home as leftovers. It was delicious and I would've never picked it for myself! Oh and of course, I have to mention that my first legal drink was a mamosa!

friday night

For dinner, I celebrated with a small group of friends and went to Hell's Kitchen in Downtown Minneapolis. I can't even remember the name of the drink I got, but it was fruity, sugary and delicious. I split some artichoke dip and mac 'n' cheese with one of my friends, and then got a cookie cake with ice cream for my free birthday dessert. From there, we went to some bars nearby and enjoyed more drinks including: a gin and tonic, moscow mule and cranberry vodka. 


It was a laid-back, recovery day all day, which is exactly what I needed. Connor and I spent a few hours at the dog park with Teddy, which was the most eventful part of the day. Then we also made some lunch and dinner, and spent our time catching up on some of our favorite TV shows.


After sleeping in, a few hours of work and a nap, dinner-time rolled around again. On this night, I celebrated with Connor, my grandparents and my mother. We ate at the Downtowner Woodfire Grill near the Xcel Energy Center. It was perfect: not too loud, not too crowded, delicious food and good company. This time, my drink of choice was white bordeaux which was lovely and made me feel like a sophisticated woman.


So, that about sums it up. It probably isn't someone's typical 21st birthday celebration, but truth be told I am glad I can remember everything that happened. My only regret is not getting just one damn polaroid picture.

some quick thoughts

I don't feel different, except for the fact that I can legally buy and consume alcohol. I wish I could say something cheesy... like how motivated I am or how being 21 will be the best year ever or something like that. Truth is, I'm just gonna continue to roll with it, because so far it doesn't feel any different and I don't care enough to make major life changes within this year. In fact, I'm pretty content with my life and feel happy moving forward at the same pace. Sure, I'll continue to grow and make small changes, but I'm not planning on anything huge. Plus, there's no reason for me to put pressure on myself to make 21 the best age or something. I'm happy as is and think 21 will be another good year... maybe nothing majorly special, but not bad because that's what life is: a constant roller coaster that eventually levels off.

love, OC