What I Learned from Life Happening

Yep. It's definitely been awhile since my last post of any kind. My apologies, but life kinda happened.

Life Happens.

That doesn't mean anything incredibly bad or overwhelmingly great happened. Life just happened. The constant hustle and bustle of managing my priorities came back and swallowed all of my free time. Okay, maybe not all of it... but most of it and any free time I did have I've enjoyed using to take naps and be with my friends. Of course, I don't need to explain myself... we've all been there before. Life gets busy.

I wish I had an eureka moment to share with you or something of immense value. Truth is, life happened and keeps on happening and nothing major really stands out. However, in my last little bit of free time I thought of all of the things I've thought of or learned in the time frame I've been absent from the blog. So here it is.

1. The same routine of life can get boring unless you make it more than what it seems to be. Just cleaning the dishes? Seems boring and like dumb busy work, but don't forget those little delights. The sparkling and empty sink after putting away the dishes never fails to make me happy. 
2. Take a walk. Even if it's cold out. I took a walk by myself one Sunday afternoon. The streets were almost empty and the city was quiet. It was quite peaceful and I even discovered some new nooks and crannies.
3. I love my photography teacher. She's a bit intimidating when it comes to class, but she's great. For homework, she said we each had to take at least 30 minutes to ourselves. So I did even better and took two hours to print some pictures and update my physical scrapbook. Time to yourself is truly precious. With so much life happening, don't forget to take care of yourself: mind, body and soul.
4. Talk to new people. Or even old acquaintances. Create real relationships.
5. Long drives can suck, but are easily entertained with free audiobooks about zombies. 
6. Some people aren't good with words and don't express their feelings in a way you're used to. So look for the little things they do and let their actions speak for them.
7. Starting sucks, but once you've started you feel like a master of productivity. 
8. Don't feel bad for prioritizing. Do what you have to do.
9. Stop giving a f*ck about what people think about you. It's a waste of energy and time.
10. Spice up your day. Find little ways to break away from your routine.

Speaking of spicing up your day, I recently went on a walk through the city with @shunmatsuhashi and he got some cool pics. It was really damn cold and you can probably tell by my face, but it was worth it. Looks like I just checked off numbers 2, 4 and 10 on that list. 

Stay Humble
Stay Confident
Stay Warm

love, OC