Traveling w/ Connor | FLORENCE


day one


The flight was long, a total of 12 hours of travel time. Then our second flight got delayed almost 45 minutes and added in even more time.


Once we landed in Florence we caught the bus and made it to our Airbnb. The location was perfect. We were close enough to tourist attractions to walk there, but far enough that we were surrounded by locals and normal-priced food. We decided to power through the jet lag and roam the city. No exact plans, just walking. There were still Christmas decorations and lights strung everywhere and it was beautiful to walk through. We started with pizza (obviously) and loved the pizza from Gusta Pizza. We saw all of the shopping and the Ponte Vecchio bridge. It was insane how many people were there. We were exhausted by 7pm and settled for a touristy pasta place (would not recommend doing) because we were too tired to roam anymore. Then we went to a local grocery store (which is A LOT smaller than the typical American grocery store) and bought some wine and food for breakfast. We drank half the bottle and called it a night. Literally, I was out the second I hit the pillow.


day two


We woke up and made some breakfast. We had scrambled eggs and some fruit. Then we got ready and headed out right away. We did the obvious touristy things that everyone does in Florence. We started with the Pitti Palace. The art inside was beautiful, but we were more amazed by the building, itself. The walls, the ceilings, the view, and the whole idea that someone lived here once. Honestly, how did they use up so many rooms?!


We had another lunch, but just on the outskirts of the hot spots. We shared a pizza and pasta and yum, it was delicious. Did I mention it was pouring this day? Well, it was and so we quickly changed our plans so that nothing was outside. Instead we went to see David, which was a lot bigger then we expected. It was pretty cool. We meandered our way home and decided to get more (you guessed it) pizza. We grabbed two boxes to-go, a bottle of wine and called it a night.



-       If you need an Airbnb stay here

o   It was in the perfect spot so it was walking distance for everything to do, but it was also far enough so that you are truly living in Florence and among locals

-       Go to these pizza places: Gusta Pizza and Tamero Pizzeria

-       Wear flat shoes

o   Cobblestone is everywhere and you won’t really use public transportation except for when you come from the airport or if you choose to stay farther out from the city center.