Whole 30 | Halfway Mark

It is the halfway mark (obviously from the title) of Whole 30 and I am feeling pretty good... well sort of.


I have been cooking like crazy and I love it. I'm slowly learning how to really cook and make meals with things I never thought I would buy. Also, all the meals still taste delicious. Anyone who says that healthy food is bland or boring has never actually tried to create anything delicious, because I promise it is possible. And that's coming from someone who used to define cooking as making chicken and quinoa without any spices or getting chinese take out and re-heating it the next night. So yea, the food is great.

BUT (yes there is a but) I think I'm experiencing "food boredom" or at least that's one of the stages in the Whole 30 Timeline. So the meals taste delicious, but I'm running out of ideas and patience to cook every few days.


I feel normal, like I've been doing Whole 30 for a lot longer than 15 days. I'm finding that I don't crave a lot of food that I used to love and constantly want. Sweets sounds gross and I've found that I automatically cringe when I think of all that sugar. Cheese looks gross. Really though, when I see it in commercials for pizza or really anything covered in cheese I'm repelled. It just looks really rubbery and fake to me. Processed foods overall seem gross too. Every time I'm in the grocery store and see bags of chips, all I think about is the taste of chemicals. It's crazy how only 15 days of real food will change your cravings. ...well, except for one. Which is soy, mainly Chinese food and more specifically sushi or ramen from One Two Three Sushi in Dinkytown. I've been craving that a lot.

So yea, overall I feel good, but I don't feel anything "magical" or special or whatever. I'm getting a good nights sleep, I don't have headaches from the lack of sugar anymore and my energy levels feel good. I definitely feel better, but there hasn't been an "ah-ha" moment or anything life changing. Which is fine, it's just a little annoying when Whole 30 had so much hype. 


Well, I still have 15 more days to go and am surprised that I've made it this far without cheating or slipping once. There's no turning back now. These past few weeks I brought back a little exercise, but with school it's honestly hard to workout a lot. So for the rest of Whole 30 my goals are:

1. To finish Whole 30 (obviously)
2. To exercise more frequently
3. To try new recipes and food options

I think I can do that, hell I know I can. (: