Appreciating Solitude | My New Abode

It’s officially been a few weeks living in my new humble abode and it has been wonderful… but then again, only time will tell if it remains as wonderful as I hope. I have loved decorating the place and making it my own. It’s everything I hoped it would be on a decor-level and matches the aesthetic I had created with endless amounts of pictures on my Pinterest board. I even used all those DIYs to really create my own personal space.

So here’s the end result… but only of the main spaces, because I don’t think you really care what the inside of my front hall closet looks like. (: 

the entry way area

⬆I hung up a wall calendar so I can peak at my day as I come and go… unfortunately I can’t start using it until January, but oh well. I also hung up my headphones so I will always remember to grab them on my way to class. I put a full length mirror on back of the bathroom door and a cute bag that describes my life. On the closet and front entryway I hung up some of my DIY wall pockets using command hooks. Across from that I used the shelves to both store and display my jeans and shoes.

⬆Because of the more intricate shower curtain I decided to keep the bathroom simple. I left the counters clear (or am trying to) and then I hung up some records in their original packaging to add a different kind of touch. 

the bedroom

⬆My dresser normally becomes my throw away place… like where I put all of my random shit throughout the day. This time I’m trying to keep it cleaner by covering it with a decorative scarf and bag. Then I added this lamp, my clock, a polaroid camera and the cork board I made. Plus some of my every day jewelry that I keep on little plate-like holders. 

⬆I honestly thought I wasn’t going to have closet space, so I brought the clothing rack that my mom and I used to drag around dance competitions back in the old days. Instead of using it to actually hold clothes, I used it as a display. I think it looks sleek with the neutral clothes, shoes and camera gear on top. 

⬆To keep the area more lively, I wanted to have a ton of plants. But again, not a lot of natural light so I stuck to fake leaves and yellow flowers. To keep it consistent with the bathroom I added records, plus the basket with a few pieces of art and nice quotes beside it. 

⬆I knew I wanted this room to be cozy without seeming like a cave since there isn’t exactly a window. So of course, I piled the bed high with throw pillows and blankets that were mainly white, grey and a few pops of color to make the area more open. 

the living area

I knew this area would be tight and lack storage so I did my best to make it seem as open as possible. 

⬆I didn't want a lot to cover the windows, so I hung up some dream catchers I made about a year ago. Then I added some books, candles and succulents on the window sill. In the corner I placed this wire rack as an open cupboard and a way to keep my counters as clear as possible. The step stool was used a lot during the move in process, but for now I like that it holds little trinkets and more plants. I also love that it gives the room a cozy and lived-in vibe.

⬆In the kitchen area I hung up a mirror to give the illusion of a bigger space. The counters are clear of appliances, but I added a few trinkets to add some color. The fridge is also clean with a few magnets just on the side to make it look less cluttered. 

⬆The TV was too wide for the bookcase to be up and down and too short with the cubes sideways, so I used one of my move in boxes to prop it higher. I love these cubes. They hold everything perfectly and there’s still room for more plants. Lastly, I hung up the tapestry that inspired this entire apartment right above the TV.

⬆This couch is the comfiest couch ever and came with four pillows but (of course) I added even more to add some pops of color.  I try to keep the two tables as clear as possible, but with no kitchen table they get pretty cluttered with books, school work and some snacks. I added more pops of color with this nice collage wall using some lovely artwork and kitchen utensils cuz why not?  

and that is all...

Yep, that's it. My completed abode. It was super fun to create my own aesthetic and make this space my very own. So far I've appreciated every moment in this apartment and have been enjoying my solitude immensely.