Hotel Ivy | A Belle Noelle Event

This event was at the luxury hotel, Hotel Ivy in Minneapolis. The hotel itself was beautiful and that night, the event was promoting the use of their ballroom area and the penthouse suite. The ballroom had a live photo booth, a DJ and a whole lot of food. The event definitely won me over.

This was also a different type of event then I'm used to, but I loved it. The atmosphere was very mature with a more corporate feel and everything seemed to run pretty smoothly. As always, I was there to get some good shoots to not only showcase the hotel, but to create a peak into how Belle Noelle Event + Design does industry events.

Again, I am not a professional videographer. I've never taken a class on anything. How to shoot, how to edit, etc., etc. But I am pretty proud of this short little video I did for one of my last events of the summer with Belle Noelle.

Enjoy. (: