Why I Care About My Instagram Feed

I used to think that having an Instagram "theme" or aesthetic was dumb. I felt like it took too much time and was kind of pointless. I didn't really understand why all of my pictures had to look the same. All white or all with blue tints or all a square. I just posted whatever I wanted like the majority of the Instagram population. 

Now that I'm older, I care a little bit more. Actually, I'll admit that I care a lot more. I like to to use my nice camera to take most of my pictures, I use the exact same apps every time I edit, I have a pretty consistent theme and am thoughtful with whatever I post. It sounds crazy, but I have my reasons. Here's three of them.

it just looks better

It really does though. Even if the theme isn't "perfect" it is still pleasing to the eyes. I love looking at accounts that are pretty consistent or have great quality pictures. It makes me want to continue scrolling down and eventually follow them.

Here are a few accounts that I love to follow and they kind of go in order from a pretty defined theme to no a defined them.

LEFT: Meghan Rienks has had an all white theme for the longest time. Literally every picture is mainly white.

MIDDLE: Aspyn Ovard isn't as specific but she definitely emphasizes white as well as certain shades and tends to stick to light, bright but more pastel-like colors.

RIGHT: Tess Christine doesn't really have an exact theme, but her style and aesthetic still shows in her pictures and account as a whole. Plus everything still has amazing quality so it all flows.

it's another creative outlet

I like to think of Instagram as another platform for creativity. I think it's fun to edit photos and create your own aesthetic. Plus just taking photos of different things, whether it's people, places or products. It's a fun way to express yourself while sharing your life at the same time. 

it represents me

Like all social media accounts, it represents who I am. Now, I know we shouldn't care what people think and yada yada but when employers are checking every type of social media I care. For example, I got my internship with Belle Noelle Events + Designs through Instagram. It started with us following each other, liking each other's content and eventually a comment asking to meet with me and bam. Here we are now and I have almost my dream job. So I care about my feed, because it represents who I am and can help me connect with new people who appreciate and like my aesthetic, creativity or style. 

So that's it. That's why I care so much and I'm not saying everyone needs to have an Instagram theme. I'm just telling you why I choose to. 

That's all.