Emily & Paul | A Belle Noelle Wedding

The last Belle Noelle wedding for the summer. Well actually, there was one more after this, but I wasn't allowed to film. Anyway, this wedding is by far my new favorite. It had everything I would want in a wedding. Lots of plants, trees and flowers that made Aria seem so much more alive and not so much like a cave. There was beautiful, white draping everywhere and lights strung from the ceilings. Plus the colors were perfect. Green, all sorts of whites and light pink for that small splash of color. Something that was pretty unique was their guest book, where guests took a picture of themselves using a polaroid and then taped it in with a cute written note. I thought it was pretty nifty and am definitely thinking about copying it-if I ever get married lol. My favorite decor piece had to be the stationary. The menus, table numbers, signs and just everything was beautiful. I seriously want business cards that look like their stationary.

Of course, the couple was incredible too. They were so cute and I couldn't help but smile when I saw that they were having their pup in the wedding too (he carried the rings down the aisle). Plus they were University of Minnesota Alumni, so they did the gopher and sang rouser late into the night-which was pretty great. 

I'm so grateful to have witnessed such a beautiful wedding and now here is a little piece of it for you. (:

(p.s. I forgot to turn the auto focus off on my lens during the ceremony so that little annoying sound you hear in the background is from that -ugh silly me, sorry guys)